Mink “Mr Creepy”

1995-dermania-lloyd-mr-creepyMink was a collaborative Dunedin group including vocallist Dermania Lloyd, who now performs as Cloudboy. The “Mr Creepy” video, directed by Robert Sarkies, is another fine example of Dunedin gothic.

Dermania plays a woman in the midst of a nervous shower, protected from the stream of water with her yellow raincoat, and watching as a lizard crawls around the very shiny stainless steel shower base.

Meanwhile, the titular Mr Creepy is seen creeping around, sneaking up some stairs, while the freaky inhabitants of the house’s rooms are revealed. There’s a Frankenstein creature ready for an operation, white-robed holy figures, a trio of messy ice cream eaters.

Finally Mr Creepy finds Dermania in a bedroom, looking wide-eyed and innocent. He does something unspeakable to her, leaving her huddled in the shower, where she finds her reptilian friend. Or perhaps the lizard is really Mr Creepy? Either way, he’s going in a jar.

The video uses a house full of cinematic creepiness tropes, but eventually it reveals the most creepiest thing of all is a woman huddled in a shower, singing to a lizard.

Best bit: powerful method acting from the lizard.

Director: Robert Sarkies
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

2 thoughts on “Mink “Mr Creepy””

  1. hi Robyn

    Mink was a band that featured a number of Dunedin musicians,including George D Henderson of The Puddle. George plays the Mr Creepy character in the video.

    1. Ah, thank you! I had somehow confused Dermania’s solo work with Mink, so I’ve amended the entry. I saw the Puddle play a couple of years ago. Good times!

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