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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

Goldenhorse “Out of the Moon”

Goldenhorse’s early videos were deliciously weird – the proto Twilight romantic vampire angst of “Golden Dawn” and the surreal sci-fi caravan of “Baby’s Been Bad”. Then the band went through a period of making very straight pop videos. But with… Continue Reading →

Gasoline Cowboy “Heading For The Ground”

The description on Amplifier was so alluring: “Gasoline Cowboy get urban and dirty”. Aw yeah, urban and dirty. After the Fast Crew’s recent journey into boring suburbia, it’s about time that a band brought things back to the bad city,… Continue Reading →

Fast Crew “Suburbia Streets”

“Suburbia Streets” is the Fast Crew being honest about their upbringing. They didn’t grow up on troubled inner-city neighbourhoods. No, they came from safe middle-class suburbs, where it’s “safe for child’s play, and there’s minimal homeless”. The video is also… Continue Reading →

Dave Dobbyn “Welcome Home”

I have a theory about this song. After Dave Dobbyn saw “Loyal”, a song about a relationship breakdown, used to foster national pride in a sports contest, he decided to write an actual proper song about pride in New Zealand…. Continue Reading →

Breaks Co-Op “The Otherside”

In between Breaks Co-Op’s first album Roofers and their second album The Sound Inside, group member Zane Lowe had moved to the UK and become a BBC Radio 1 DJ. But he had not forgotten about his music project back… Continue Reading →

Blindspott “Yours Truly”

“Yours Truly” was the first single from Blindspott’s second album, End the Silence. The band had moved away from the nu metal stylings of the first album and had gone for a more traditional metal sound. And as drummer Shelton… Continue Reading →

Ben Novak “Love Breakdown”

Ben Novak is the singer-songwriter who had the curious fortune of writing the song “Turn Your Car Around” which scored well on a hit-determining computer algorithm, and later became a bona fide hit for ex Blue singer Lee Ryan. The… Continue Reading →

4th Element “Break U Off”

4th Element were a hip hop duo from Ranui, West Auckland, and those western suburbs are the star of the “Break U Off” music video. It threatens to be yet another “life in the suburbs” video, but it’s a lot… Continue Reading →

Missing videos from December 2004

Red Drum was a rock band fronted by Garageland frontman Jeremy Eade and “Resurrect Jim” was their funded song. A 2003 blog from Arch Hill Recordings mentions the production of a Red Drum song called “No Cross in the Crossroads”,… Continue Reading →

The Mint Chicks “F**k the Golden Youth”

“F**k the Golden Youth” is a 108 second explosion of weird pop delight. The video is all ’80s art-school, with animated collages of random images and felt-tip pen expressions. The Mint Chicks also feature, wearing gold suits and moving with… Continue Reading →

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