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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

P-Money featuring Scribe “Stop the Music”

“Stop the Music” was the first single off P-Money’s second album and also his first number one single. Or – if you count the work he did on Scribe’s solo album – it’s his and Scribe’s third number one single…. Continue Reading →

Opshop “Being”

“Being” is set at an old cinema, which I immediately recognised as the Crystal Palace in Mount Eden, the star of Dead End Beat’s porny “All My Riches” video. But things are a lot more G-rated with Opshop. While Opshop… Continue Reading →

Minuit “I Hate Guns”

Minuit are a band who have always made stylish videos for their songs, and this time they’ve gone for a stylish animation. The video is also another recipient of the $1500 grant from Positively Wellington Business for the production of… Continue Reading →

Lazrus “Infinite Boxes”

“Infinite Boxes” was the second of Lazrus’ two funded music videos. This time the song is about the pain of a relationship break-up. The video sees Lazrus play a postie – and according to Amplifier, this was also his real-life… Continue Reading →

Katchafire “Rude Girl”

Katchafire’s sauciest song opens with the titular rude girl leaving her inner-city apartment (or office?) and taking a shortcut through a Chinese restaurant downstairs to an alleyway out the back of a building, where a taxi awaits. None of these… Continue Reading →

JCK “Freak in the Club”

Well, this a fun one. JCK was a duo, comprised of rapper James Castady-Kristament and singer Lou Ludbrook, who’d previously performed in a larger group called JCK and the Dirty Ho Bags. “Freak in the Club” is a typical hip… Continue Reading →

Incursa “Find Out”

Incursa were the winners of the Smokefreerockquest in 2004. Band members included Sam McCarthy, who was also in Goodnight Nurse; and Jordan Arts, who later formed Kids of 88 with McCarthy. “Find Out” is mish-mash of styles. It’s punk, it’s… Continue Reading →

Goodnight Nurse “Going Away”

Goodnight Nurse become “Goodnight Nerd”, and a comedy nerd voice kicks off the video by saying “This is gonna be totally awesome!” followed by comedy nerd guffaws. The video is set in bleak suburban Henderson – a location well suited… Continue Reading →

Eight “Fall Apart”

“Fall Apart” is a one-take video, filmed a block back from Karangahape Road, on Poynton Terrace. It’s a bit more ambitious than your typical one-take video, on account of it being shot using a crane, with the camera doing an… Continue Reading →

Deja Voodoo “Can’t Do (What I Wanna Do)”

This song tackles the subject of what it’s like being a 30-year-old man in love with a 14-year-old girl. Because, yeah, 14-year-old girls are totally hot for gross, hairy, sweaty old guys. The video avoids showing the subject of the… Continue Reading →

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