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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

Minuit “I Hate Guns”

Minuit are a band who have always made stylish videos for their songs, and this time they’ve gone for a stylish animation. The video is also another recipient of the $1500 grant from Positively Wellington Business for the production of… Continue Reading →

Lazrus “Infinite Boxes”

“Infinite Boxes” was the second of Lazrus’ two funded music videos. This time the song is about the pain of a relationship break-up. The video sees Lazrus play a postie – and according to Amplifier, this was also his real-life… Continue Reading →

Katchafire “Rude Girl”

Katchafire’s sauciest song opens with the titular rude girl leaving her inner-city apartment (or office?) and taking a shortcut through a Chinese restaurant downstairs to an alleyway out the back of a building, where a taxi awaits. None of these… Continue Reading →

JCK “Freak in the Club”

Well, this a fun one. JCK was a duo, comprised of rapper James Castady-Kristament and singer Lou Ludbrook, who’d previously performed in a larger group called JCK and the Dirty Ho Bags. “Freak in the Club” is a typical hip… Continue Reading →

Incursa “Find Out”

Incursa were the winners of the Smokefreerockquest in 2004. Band members included Sam McCarthy, who was also in Goodnight Nurse; and Jordan Arts, who later formed Kids of 88 with McCarthy. “Find Out” is mish-mash of styles. It’s punk, it’s… Continue Reading →

Goodnight Nurse “Going Away”

Goodnight Nurse become “Goodnight Nerd”, and a comedy nerd voice kicks off the video by saying “This is gonna be totally awesome!” followed by comedy nerd guffaws. The video is set in bleak suburban Henderson – a location well suited… Continue Reading →

Eight “Fall Apart”

“Fall Apart” is a one-take video, filmed a block back from Karangahape Road, on Poynton Terrace. It’s a bit more ambitious than your typical one-take video, on account of it being shot using a crane, with the camera doing an… Continue Reading →

Deja Voodoo “Can’t Do (What I Wanna Do)”

This song tackles the subject of what it’s like being a 30-year-old man in love with a 14-year-old girl. Because, yeah, 14-year-old girls are totally hot for gross, hairy, sweaty old guys. The video avoids showing the subject of the… Continue Reading →

Dei Hamo “To Tha Floor!”

This is what the mid ’00s felt like. Peak hip hop, bling culture and Dei Hamo with a song that sounds like a regurgitation of all the popular music trends of the era. At the time it seemed very cool… Continue Reading →

Concord Dawn “Man for all Seasons”

This Concord Dawn video was another recipient of the $1500 grant that Positively Wellington Business gave for the production of music videos in the Wellington region. And like the other recipients of the grant, the video doesn’t have an obvious… Continue Reading →

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