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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

Elemeno P “11:57″

Elemeno P returned with a new album, Trouble in Paradise, and “11:57″ was its first single. In keeping with the times, the band had taken a harder, rockier sound, moving away from their poppier roots. The trouble is, lead singer… Continue Reading →

Chong Nee “Thin Line”

Chong Nee has previously shown up with videos for his work with AKA Brown and Dei Hamo, but “Thin Line” was his first solo video. The song, an R&B ode to a straying lover, is underpinned by a quirky keyboard… Continue Reading →

Che Fu “Lightwork”

This video is so frustrating to watch. It takes the form of a comic-book story. It’s illustrated with a fairly dark palette so it takes a bit of effort to figure out everything that’s going on. That on its own… Continue Reading →

Carly Binding “I See the World”

This music video has so much to offer. 1. It’s the first single off Carly Binding’s second album, So Radiate. The album title is written on her guitar strap for extra brand awareness. It actually looks like it’s been written… Continue Reading →

Bleeders “Out of Time”

In every Bleeders video, there’s an inevitable shot of Angelo grabbing the microphone, showing off the straight edge X’s on the back of his hands, which reminds me that straight edge is still a thing. Guys, if you’re feeling kinda… Continue Reading →

Autozamm “Don’t Worry”

This is the premise: Autozamm are each suspended in a cage attached to a crane and are twirled around a city at night. It sounds like it could be a really amazing visual, but it just doesn’t work. It’s all… Continue Reading →

Missing videos from April 2005

“Guess Who’s Here” asks Alphrisk. The answer is Alphrisk. He’s joined by fellow Deceptikon Savage, and notes that the “Deceptikonz are going places”. Bennett‘s second and final funded video is the assertive “Stop Holding Us Back”. (Nga Taonga Sound &… Continue Reading →

The Phoenix Foundation “All in an Afternoon”

This video is animated, but it took me a while to work out what exactly was going on. It involves simple doodles and line drawings, in black on a curious honeycomb-shaped grid. There was something strangely familiar about all of… Continue Reading →

The Mint Chicks “If My Arm Was a Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand?”

“If My Arm…” was a track off the Mint Chicks’ second album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!, but according to Wikipedia, it wasn’t released until 2008, after five other tracks from the same album. But the path to a music video… Continue Reading →

SJD “Southern Lights”

The video begins with a title card presenting a schedule of physics-related events that will take place during the video. For example, it starts with “Big Bang”, at 1.54 the fourth event is “Special Relativity”, there’s “Entropy” at 3:08, and… Continue Reading →

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