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Opshop “Levitate”

In Auckland, it is possible to walk from Queen Street to Federal street through buildings, using a series of private escalators (and one lift) to avoid the treacherous incline of Wellesley Street West. The “Levitate” video is set on one… Continue Reading →

Nytemare “Ghetto Princess”

How many female MCs have we come across so far? There’s Ladi6, Nemesis of Ill Semantics and Emcee Lucia, whose video is missing. And now comes Tauranga MC Nytemare with her ode to women and girls from the ghetto. We… Continue Reading →

Mumsdollar “Nevertheless”

Mumsdollar were a punk-pop band made up of Christians, though I don’t think their music was overtly Christian. But it says a lot that, according to Wikipedia, the band got their name when one of the members was putting in… Continue Reading →

Misfits of Science “Chemical Madness”

Misfits of Science seem like the kind of band who has been buoyed along by their one bona fide hit single, “Fools Love”. Nothing they have done since has been as good, but they’re still there, still making music. Like… Continue Reading →

Katchafire “Close Your Eyes”

The default Katchafire video has the band performing at a live venue, surrounded by fans, friends and whanau, with everyone having a great time. “Close Your Eyes” is one of those videos. The band are found playing at the Junction… Continue Reading →

Greg Johnson “It’s Been So Long”

The video centres on a clown. We meet him alone at his house, before he sets off into the city. The futuristic looking Britomart station has been used a lot in music videos, so it’s really refreshing to see the… Continue Reading →

Gramsci “Code”

A common theme is emerging with Gramsci’s videos: he doesn’t like to be seen. With the exception of his first video, “Complicated”, all subsequent videos have shown Paul McLaney but kept him obscured with shadowy lighting and/or computer graphics effects…. Continue Reading →

Goldenhorse “Out of the Moon”

Goldenhorse’s early videos were deliciously weird – the proto Twilight romantic vampire angst of “Golden Dawn” and the surreal sci-fi caravan of “Baby’s Been Bad”. Then the band went through a period of making very straight pop videos. But with… Continue Reading →

Gasoline Cowboy “Heading For The Ground”

The description on Amplifier was so alluring: “Gasoline Cowboy get urban and dirty”. Aw yeah, urban and dirty. After the Fast Crew’s recent journey into boring suburbia, it’s about time that a band brought things back to the bad city,… Continue Reading →

Fast Crew “Suburbia Streets”

“Suburbia Streets” is the Fast Crew being honest about their upbringing. They didn’t grow up on troubled inner-city neighbourhoods. No, they came from safe middle-class suburbs, where it’s “safe for child’s play, and there’s minimal homeless”. The video is also… Continue Reading →

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