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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

Deja Voodoo “Can’t Do (What I Wanna Do)”

This song tackles the subject of what it’s like being a 30-year-old man in love with a 14-year-old girl. Because, yeah, 14-year-old girls are totally hot for gross, hairy, sweaty old guys. The video avoids showing the subject of the… Continue Reading →

Dei Hamo “To Tha Floor!”

This is what the mid ’00s felt like. Peak hip hop, bling culture and Dei Hamo with a song that sounds like a regurgitation of all the popular music trends of the era. At the time it seemed very cool… Continue Reading →

Concord Dawn “Man for all Seasons”

This Concord Dawn video was another recipient of the $1500 grant that Positively Wellington Business gave for the production of music videos in the Wellington region. And like the other recipients of the grant, the video doesn’t have an obvious… Continue Reading →

Bryan Bell “Sure Seems a Long Way Down”

Six years after the Dead Flower’s last funding, frontman Bryan Bell returned with a solo record. His first single was “Might As Well Get Used to It”, with a non-funded video shot in Las Vegas that included pashing and an… Continue Reading →

Betchadupa “My Army of Birds and Gulls”

This video might not actually have had NZ On Air funding (it’s on the ‘maybe’ list), but if it did, this would make it the final Betchadupa funded video, so that’s worth looking at. “My Army of Birds and Gulls”… Continue Reading →

Bennett “Baby Gone Bye Bye”

The video starts off ok and everything is fine with this chilled out tale of a lost love. There’s Bennett hanging out by the pool at the Hilton in Auckland, sometimes accompanied by the girl he’s saying goodbye to. But… Continue Reading →

Anika Moa “In the Morning”

“In the Morning” was the first single off Anika Moa’s second album. By that stage she was free from her first record company’s desire to mould her as a pop singer. She was now able to get in there with… Continue Reading →

Missing videos from August 2004

The Heavy Jones Trio song “Free” was their second funded video and the first single off their debut album. Director Ivan Slavov vaguely but intriguingly noted that the band “gave us freedom of expression which lets us do our job.”… Continue Reading →

Brooke Fraser “Without You”

“Without You” is a short jazzy love song, the sort of thing that is in the repertoire of Saturday afternoon cafe performer. We find Brooke sitting on a hearty old leather sofa, surrounded by stacks of books. This reminds me… Continue Reading →

The Unusuals “Long Time Dead”

We last saw The Unusuals in 2002, on the back of a truck at the Birkenhead Santa parade for their “Under the Sun” video. This time they away from the fun distraction of a parade, left on their own in… Continue Reading →

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