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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

Tha Feelstyle featuring Camillia Temple “Feels Like Forever”

Back in 2004, the song’s vocalist Camillia Temple was famous for being the third-place-getter in the first series of NZ Idol. She’d recorded her contribution to “Feels Like Forever” before Idol, and I’m guessing her contract with the TV show… Continue Reading →

Sommerset “In Between”

I don’t think this video actually ended up having NZ On Air funding, but still going to include it. “In Between” was filmed by Andy Morton at a gig in Berlin, the same German show that also features in the… Continue Reading →

Seven Suns “Dragged Along”

I found a bunch of forum comments from Seven Suns fans, raving about how great they were live. Whatever that experience was, it doesn’t come across in this video. It is so dull. This video was another recipient of the… Continue Reading →

Saccie “Beat 2 Beat”

When it’s shot well, skateboarding is an exciting visual delight to have in a music video. Sadly, “Beat 2 Beat” opens with terrible footage of an ollie. There’s no follow-though and the satisfying sound of the board landing has been… Continue Reading →

Redline “Time After Time”

Redline was rock/metal band that was the next project of former Tadpole guitarist and Internet Mana (remember them?) candidate Chris Yong. The “Time After Time” video starts with the arresting image of P being smoked. The methhead is a pretty… Continue Reading →

Polly Prior “Got Me On My Knees”

Polly Prior was a Wellington-based singer-songwriter and the video for “Got Me On My Knees” was another recipient of the $1500 from Positively Wellington Business for producing the video in the Wellington region. The video starts with an intriguing premise…. Continue Reading →

Nephew “Starshingle”

Formerly of the band Jester, Johnny Barker was a few years away from his debut as Shortland Street nurse Joey Henderson, who would turn out to be the evil Ferndale Strangler. When he wasn’t strangling, Barker was the frontman of… Continue Reading →

Heavy Jones Trio “Good to See You Again”

First, a description from the video’s director, Ivan Slavov, over at Amplifier: “You know what it really is? It’s an anti-video. It’s a non-performance performance video. It’s Elvis Presley, lounge, Pink Flamingos. It’s Vegas. It’s nearly reality TV, but a… Continue Reading →

Friends From Sweden “So Beautiful”

Friends From Sweden was the secret solo project of Mareea Paterson, who’s previously popped up in music videos as a serial session bass player for Tim Finn, Amber Claire and Jordan Luck, not to mention as part of Delta. Friends… Continue Reading →

Foamy Ed “Exhale”

From memory, I’ve only comes across two other all-female bands – the sweet melodic pop of Mary and the sneering grunge of Snort. And now here’s Foamy Ed, a bold punk-pop group, with Lani of Elemeno P on bass. Given… Continue Reading →

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