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King Kapisi “Raise Up”

King Kapisi returns with the first single from his third album, Dominant Species. The video is very dark, edgy and urban, a complete change from the fresh outdoor settings of his earlier videos. The video takes place on the most… Continue Reading →

Gramsci “All The Time In The World”

The video opens with an intriguing situation – three men in hi-viz vests are sprinting up a stairwell, while a wet Gramsci is found slumped against a wall. What led to this? Oh, the video will reveal all! In flashback,… Continue Reading →

Evermore “Dreams Call Out To Me”

This video is a lot of like Betchadupa’s video for “My Army of Birds and Gulls”. That is, it’s footage of the band superimposed in an animated dream world with a simple colour palette. I haven’t been able to find… Continue Reading →

Donald Reid “Forget Myself”

Donald Reid is the brother of James From The Feelers, and he has a similar gravelly tone to his voice as his bro as well as the same MOR pop sensibility. The bio on Donald’s official website claims that Donald’s… Continue Reading →

Dei Hamo featuring Chong Nee “This Is My Life”

Dei Hamo teams up with Chong Nee for a declaration of his goals in life. That’s good. It helps to have goals. Much of the video takes place in front of a CGI background. It’s pretty basic – just yellow… Continue Reading →

Dave Dobbyn “Pour The Wine”

Dave Dobbyn’s music videos are usually quite interesting, but this one is just really forgettable. Dave is playing the song with his band in an underground bar. The video is shot with desaturated colour, so it’s virtually black and white… Continue Reading →

Breaks Co-Op “Settle Down”

After the top 10 single “Otherside”, the Co-Operative return with “Settle Down”. It’s a bitter kiss-off to a bad friendship, someone who “did my girl a favour”. Oh, one of those situations. The video is a montage of old American… Continue Reading →

Baitercell & Schumacher feat. Flow On Show and Niki Ahu “Gimme”

While previous Baitercell & Schumacher songs have used guest vocals, the videos never seem to feature the singers, instead relying on sci-fi worlds created by computer graphics. Things are very different in the “Gimme” video. The video is set in… Continue Reading →

4 Corners “On the Downlow”

After previously appearing as guest vocalists on a couple of P-Money tracks, Hamilton hip hop trio 4 Corners returned with the first of their own videos. “On the Downlow” is an uplifting, soul-sampling number and the video initially emphasises the… Continue Reading →

Missing videos from February 2005

Well, February 2005 was a rather successful funding round. Of the 26 videos funded, only one is missing. The song in question is the Strawpeople’s track “Wire”, featuring guest vocals from Jordan Reyne. It’s the last of the the 17… Continue Reading →

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