Here we go (again)

So, last year I took my usual break over summer but thought I might take more than a month off. It ended up being several months. But looking back, I think after obsessively watching New Zealand music videos from the ’90s and early ’00s for four years, I needed a break.

Also, I’m so sick of the ’90s, but feeling pleasantly nostalgic for the ’00s.

But I’ve fired up the ol’ 5000 Ways, ready to resume where we left off – June 2005. But things are going to be a bit different.

I don’t want to be doing this for four more years, so I’m going to be reviewing about six or seven videos at a time. This means that hopefully I should have this all complete in about a year or so, rather than in 2020. (This is actually the format I was originally going to use back in 2011, but I got carried away and went bigger.)

It also means I’m going to be writing less per video, but tbh, that takes away the enormous burden to write something about videos that are just really uninteresting. If something inspires me, though, I still reserve the write to bang out 1000 words.

And I’m no longer going to be doing separate pages for missing video. This is for two reasons – first, because increasingly there are fewer missing videos, and second, because it just becomes a bit depressing. But there’s still the big list of lost (and found) videos.

I’m going to start with some found videos, so for the new couple of weeks it’ll be catching up with gems from 1992 to 2005. And then we’ll be back onto the rest of the videos from 2005. There are so many good videos.

– Robyn

Elemeno P “11:57″

Elemeno P returned with a new album, Trouble in Paradise, and “11:57″ was its first single. In keeping with the times, the band had taken a harder, rockier sound, moving away from their poppier roots. The trouble is, lead singer Dave’s speak-singing style can’t keep pace with the power of the music. He sounds like someone doing a half-arsed singalong, while bassist Lani outshines him with her rock solid backing vocals.
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Missing videos from April 2005

“Guess Who’s Here” asks Alphrisk. The answer is Alphrisk. He’s joined by fellow Deceptikon Savage, and notes that the “Deceptikonz are going places”. There’s a live performance of the song on the short-lived New Zealand version of Top of the Pops.
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