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Exploring the world of NZ On Air music video funding

Foamy Ed “Exhale”

From memory, I’ve only comes across two other all-female bands – the sweet melodic pop of Mary and the sneering grunge of Snort. And now here’s Foamy Ed, a bold punk-pop group, with Lani of Elemeno P on bass. Given… Continue Reading →

Duchess “You Buried Me Alive”

Before there was Duchess, there was Handsome Geoffrey, a trio from Hamilton Girls’ High School who won the Smokefree Rockquest in 1998. They added Jon Corker (formerly of Rubicon) on drums, dropped the Rockquest theatrics, and emerged as Duchess, still… Continue Reading →

Del Rey System “NZ to the BK”

This is my test for a music video attempting a period setting: is the hair authentic? Costumes are easy; hair is hard. “NZ to the BK” is ostensibly set at a pool party in the 1980s but does it deliver… Continue Reading →

Definite & Bling “Like That”

The Sky Tower has featured in music videos since Rikki Morris performed in front of the under-construction concrete pillar in 1995. It mainly shows up in the background of an Auckland cityscape shot, but never before has it been such… Continue Reading →

Autozamm “Sweet Love”

This is like a low-budget James Bond title sequence. Much of the video involves a young woman wearing a bikini, sensually writing in a bathtub. But just to mix things up, all the footage of her is shot in negative…. Continue Reading →

Missing videos from October 2004

“Homeland” was the follow-up single from No Artificial Flavours, but also their final NZ On Air funded video – though I’m not actually sure if a video was made. There was talk of an album, but that doesn’t seem to… Continue Reading →

Alphrisk featuring Adeaze “Sunshine”

With Savage and Mareko already having released solo singles, it was only a matter of time before another of the Deceptikonz went solo. (And rounding out the quartet, Devolo’s solo work is coming as well.) “Sunshine”, a top 10 hit,… Continue Reading →

The Fanatics “TV”

Like the Fanatics’ earlier song “Models”, “TV” is another catchy electronic song with simple, repetitive lyrics. The video takes its inspiration from the titular home appliance and puts the Fanatics in a dark, shadowy world, surrounded by animated circuit diagrams… Continue Reading →

The D4 “Sake Bomb”

Japan loved the D4 and the D4 loved Japan so they wrote a song about one of their favourite social beverages, the sake bomb. There’s even a version with Japanese lyrics. The 105-second song is basically about going out and… Continue Reading →

Steriogram “Go”

“Go” was the second of Steriogram’s two song to chart, reaching number 28. The song is an attempt to convince a friend to leave their small-town home and move to the exciting city. The video catches Steriogram in transit, with… Continue Reading →

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