Eye TV “Down with a D”

1995-eye-tv-down-with-a-dAnother track from Eye TV’s acoustic album. This time the video star is a little girl whose costume seems to be inspired by Blind Melon’s Bee Girl. But instead of a bee, she’s a Ronald Regan with fairy wings. Watch out, Johhny Utah!

The band are also joined by an TV-watching elderly couple and a young woman who may represent Regan Girl as a grown-up.

The video seems like it’s trying to evoke the glum theme of the lyrics, but the world it’s set in isn’t all that depressing. You could watch some telly with the old couple, play games with Regan Girl or hang out with the older woman. They all seem like they’d have stories to tell.

Or maybe Eye TV are in such a permanent state of malaise that everything seems awful, all the time. Aw, cheer up, guys!

Best bit: the young woman subverting stereotypes by wearing a pig nose.

Director: Sharron Ward
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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