Mink “Ride”

1997-mink-rideI was going to describe this video as looking a bit studenty, but it seems that Mink emerged out of Otago University so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t look studenty. In fact, the “Ride” video reminds me of the sort of studenty work you’d see in the 48HOURS film competition, genre – road trip.

The video starts with a key in the ignition and a big red classic car starts its journey. The car is driven by a glamorous woman wearing a black feather boa. Feather boa are low-budget video shorthand for ‘glamorous lady’. The car soon fills up with a random assortment of hitch-hikers, with vocalist Dermania Lloyd in the passenger seat. There’s something going on with her and the driver.

The car full of freaky friends isn’t quite played for laughs, but there is a knowing absurdity to the situation. The glamorous driver looks deeply annoying at her crazy passengers (but really, what was she expecting when she picked them up?)

Suddenly it’s night and the disembodied head of Dermania floats in front of the car, reminiscent of Marion Crane’s guilt-laden road trip in “Psycho”.

The day comes and the car reaches it’s destination: a car wash. We then catch a glimpse of a book which shows moving images of a studenty party, complete with people wearing feather boas. (Actually, never do this in real life – those $2 shop feather boas will shed all over the place and a month later you’ll still find pink feathers in your cornflakes.)

“Ride” is a sweet electronica song. Part of me wants the video to be better, but for a low-budget studenty video, it’s not bad.

Best bit: the purposeful dashboard button pushing.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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Mink “Mr Creepy”

1995-dermania-lloyd-mr-creepyMink was a collaborative Dunedin group including vocallist Dermania Lloyd, who now performs as Cloudboy. The “Mr Creepy” video, directed by Robert Sarkies, is another fine example of Dunedin gothic.

Dermania plays a woman in the midst of a nervous shower, protected from the stream of water with her yellow raincoat, and watching as a lizard crawls around the very shiny stainless steel shower base.

Meanwhile, the titular Mr Creepy is seen creeping around, sneaking up some stairs, while the freaky inhabitants of the house’s rooms are revealed. There’s a Frankenstein creature ready for an operation, white-robed holy figures, a trio of messy ice cream eaters.

Finally Mr Creepy finds Dermania in a bedroom, looking wide-eyed and innocent. He does something unspeakable to her, leaving her huddled in the shower, where she finds her reptilian friend. Or perhaps the lizard is really Mr Creepy? Either way, he’s going in a jar.

The video uses a house full of cinematic creepiness tropes, but eventually it reveals the most creepiest thing of all is a woman huddled in a shower, singing to a lizard.

Best bit: powerful method acting from the lizard.

Director: Robert Sarkies
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision