Bike “Circus Kids”

1997-bike-circus-kidsIt’s another excursion into the slow-motion world of Bike. Shot in gloomy black and white, the band perform the song in front of a backdrop painted with a circus mural.

Andrew Brough is back wearing his giant round sunglasses. As he is a bespectacled man, I suspect his frequent sunglasses wearing is done for the same reason that Kirk Pengally of INXS often wore sunnies – because they’re more rock than clear glasses.

Cut with the band, we also see actual circus kids. A girl walks a tightrope and a guy slowly rides a bike along the tightrope (oh, a bike – clever).

We also see a boy in 1940s clothing wander about the circus, and he is terrified by a sinister clown who gives him a sinister clown look. The kid flees, but ends up being lured into a trunk by the tightrope girl. “Hooray! The circus has come to town!” sings Andrew Brough. This, guys, is irony.

Best bit: the magnificently flared nostrils of the scary clown man.

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… Marcus the paperboy.

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