bNet Awards

The bNet Awards ran from 1998 to 2007 and were run by the bNet student radio network. The annual categories changed a lot, but the music video category was there every year. Here are the winners (except for 1999, because I can’t find anything about the winners that year).

Non-NZ On Air-funded videos in italics. Links will go to the entry on 5000 Ways, or if there isn’t one here, then it’ll go to the video.

1998 bFM Music Awards
Darcy Clay “Jesus I Was Evil”

1999 bNet Music Awards

1998-shihad-my-minds-sedate2000 bNet Music Awards
Shihad “My Mind’s Sedate”

1999-king-kapisi-screems-from-da-old-plantation2001 bNet Music Awards
King Kapisi “Screems From Da Old Plantation”

2001-che-fu-fade-away2002 bNet Music Awards
Che Fu “Fade Away”

2002-rhombus-clav-dub2003 bNet Music Awards
Rhombus “Clav Dub”

2004 bNet Music Awards
Misfits Of Science “Fools Love”

2004-the-mint-chicks-opium-of-the-people2005 bNet NZ Music Awards
The Mint Chicks “Opium of the People”

2006 bNet NZ Music Awards
The Sneaks “Kuzai Heart U Girl”

2007 bNet NZ Music Awards
The Mint Chicks “Walking off a Cliff Again”

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