About the Author

robyn-tokyoI’m Robyn Gallagher. I’ve been writing online for over 15 years, mostly on my website, and have ended up writing quite a bit about music. I also have pretty embarrassing taste in music – just a warning.

I spent a few good years hanging out in the much missed NZmusic.com forums, discussing the scene and engaging in the fierce debate that erupted with the quarterly NZ On Air funding announcements.

When I’m not writing, I like travelling, especially exploring the cities, towns and one-dairy villages that make up New Zealand.

I talk about the web, pop culture and writerly topics at events such as the Public Address Great Blend event, Radio NZ National, Webstock Mini and Pecha Kucha.

I grew up in Hamilton, and dropped out of a media studies degree, distracted and excited by the promise of the online world. It didn’t let me down. I lived in Auckland and Wellington where I worked in the internet industry, the web, then broadcasting.

I live in coastal Waikato and do not own a table.