I’ve found these websites to be useful when digging up information about New Zealand bands and music videos from days past.

NZ On Air
Search NZ On Air’s big ol’ music funding database!

NZ On Screen
An online archive of New Zealand film and television history, including a very good selection of music videos stretching all the way back to 1939.

Audio Culture
The “noisy library of New Zealand music”, an ever expanding, multimedia history of the past hundred years or so of music in Aotearoa.
Around since 1999, is a thorough directory of popular New Zealand music from the ’90s to today.
A fully searchable database of the RIANZ top 50, from its origin in the 1970s to the present.

Also originating from 1999, Amplifier is the oldest and most extensive online store dedicated to New Zealand music. It also has good artist bios and hosts some little known videos.

NZ Musician
This quality music biz monthly has online archives dating back to 2002, full of interesting articles.

Dub Dot Dash
Peter McLennan’s blog, drawing on his knowledge and archives as a music journalist. And he’s good at tracking down previously obscure New Zealand tracks.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
The film and television industry’s repository. Their searchable database has basic information on videos, with more detailed profiles of select videos.

The Music Video Database
An international database of music video production information. It’s not complete, but there’s a good presentation of New Zealand works.

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