Lost and found

When I first created this page, it seemed like there were hundreds of missing videos and it was all looking pretty bleak. But in reality, things are much rosier.

  • Some listed titles never had videos made
    The databases I’m working from are based on songs that were funded and are less likely to note if a video wasn’t made, with the funding going back to NZ On Air. So some of the titles listed won’t actually have had a video made.
  • A lot of videos are in the Nga Taonga archive
    While a lot of the videos aren’t currently available online, almost 200 of them are in the archive at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision. Getting them online is another issue – it takes time, money, and permission – but it can be done (not by me).
  • Some musicians just don’t want their embarrassing old videos online
    Fair enough!
  • Sometimes I can’t find videos that are online
    My Google-fu isn’t always great. Over the years I’ve developed various techniques for tracking down music videos in the weirdest places, but even still, there are some I miss but later discover.
  • Old videos are still being uploaded
    But best of all – videos are turning up online. Fans are digging out old boxes of VHS tapes, record companies are digitising their back catalogue, and NZ On Screen is adding to its archive of music videos. A lot of videos that were available in 2011 are now online. Ka pai.

If you know anything about any of the videos on this list, please leave a comment below or email me at robyn@5000ways.co.nz. And if you have one of these old videos sitting in a dusty box of old tapes, why not digitise it and put it online? That would be choice.

Videos in the Nga Taonga Sound & Vision archive

These videos might not currently be online, but they can be found in the archive at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision (fka The Film Archive). This means that a video was definitely made and is available to view in person at the archive, should you wish to do so. Links go to the entry at Nga Taonga.

3 The Hard Way “What I Gotta Do” (Deepgrooves)
4Eulogi “U By My Side” (Legend Music)
5 Go Mad “Too Bad” (Marital Music)

Andrew Fagan “Now You Know” (Sony Music)
Annie Crummer “Let It Shine (Warner Music)
Annie Crummer “Seven Waters” (Warner Music)
Aotearoa “Sweet Love” (Jayrem Records)
Ardijah “Bad Buzz” (South Central Productions)
Ardijah “Do To You” (South Central Productions)
Ardijah “Love So Right” (South Central Productions)
Ardijah “Oh Baby” (South Central Productions)
Ardijah “Silly Love Songs” (South Central Productions)
Ardijah “Way Around You” (South Central Productions)

B “So Long” (Warner Music)
Bailter Space “Argonaut” (Flying Nun Records)
Bailter Space “Retro” (Flying Nun Records)
Barry Saunders “Colour Me Blue” (Pagan Records)
Barry Saunders “Little Times” (Pagan Records)
Bennett “Stop Holding Us Back” (Mai Music)
Bike “Old & Blue” (Flying Nun Records)
Bike “Take In The Sun” (Flying Nun Records)
Blackjack “Spinning Wheel” (Hark Records)
Breathe “Smiley Hands” (Wildside Records)
Breathe “Started Something” (Felix Records)
Breathe “When the Sun Comes” (Sony Music)
Brett Sawyer “Save Me Now” (No.9 Records)
Brett Sawyer “She Came Along” (No.9 Records)
Brett Sawyer “When It Happens” (No.9 Records)
Brooke Fraser “Lifeline” (Sony Music)
Bush Beat “Can’t Stop the Feeling” (Tangata Records)

Cabbage Bomber “You’re a Sun” (Local Music)
Canvas “Tina” (Marmalade Audio)
Carly Binding “This Is It” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Carly Binding “We Kissed” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Charlotte Yates “Console” (Jayrem Records)
Che Fu “Top Floor” (Sony Music)
CMB Swing “Your Love Is All I Need” (Papa Pacific Records)
Coelacanth “Choke” (Marital Music)
Concord Dawn “Fly Away Home” (Uprising Records)
Confucius “Rollcall” (Footnote Records)

D’bre (Bush Beat) “Let Me Know” (Tangata Records)
Dancing Azians “Elevator” (Antenna Recordings)
Dave Dobbyn “Lap of the Gods” (Sony Music)
David Parker “Get Down Tonight” (Lunacy Music)
David Parker “The Phone Is Ringing” (Lunacy Music)
Dead End Beat “Nervous Bag” (Ning Nong Records)
Dead End Beat “Tonite We Ride” (Ning Nong Records)
Dead Flowers “Dead Boy” (Wildside Records)
Dead Flowers “I Wanna Know” (Wildside Records)
Dead Flowers “Not Ready” (Wildside Records)
Debbie & Kim “Black & White” (Sony Music)
Deja Voodoo “Tracy” (Liberation Music)
Delta “Slather” (Tonebender Records)
Dimmer “Case” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Dimmer “Finality” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Dubious Bros “Trade Secrets” (Mai Music)
DVS “Big Love” (Tall Poppy)

Emcee Lucia “All This Time” (Aotearoa Records)
Emulsifier “Intergalactic Love” (Wildside Records)
Exploding Poppies “Come See Me” (Pagan Records)
Eye TV “Immaculate” (Antenna Recordings)
Eye TV “Snakes & Ladders” (Pagan Records)
Falter “Fear of Heights” (Smalltime Records)
Fast Crew “Mr Radio” (Independent)

Fiona McDonald “Bury Me” (Flying Nun Records)
Fiona McDonald “I Don’t Care” (Flying Nun Records)
Fiona McDonald “Wish I Was a Man” (Flying Nun Records)
Frontline “Breathe With Me” (Dirty Records)
Fuce “Restless” (Brat Records)
Funhouse “I Don’t Mind” (Deepgrooves)

Garageland “Highway” (Flying Nun Records)
Gramsci “Recovery” (Machine Recordings)
Greg Johnson “Beautiful Storm” (Johnson Music)
Greg Johnson “Softly On Me” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson Set “Baby” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson Set “You Stay Out of Your Life” (Pagan Records)

Heavy Jones Trio “Free” (Global Routes Music)
Herbs “Till We Kissed” (Muscle Music)
House of Downtown “Downtown Groove” (Universal Music)
Huckstep “Angel” (WAM Music)

In The Whare “Sister Dread” (Tangata Records)
Inchworm “It Means a Lot To Me” (Dedear Records)

Jermaine “That’s My Word” (Handmade Records)
Jester “Eyes For Xmas” (Tenvor Productions)
Jordan Reyne “Millstones” (Deepgrooves)

Kantuta “Linda Senorita” (EMI Music NZ)

Lavina Williams “So I Cry” (Koolkut Productions)
Lemuel “Love Again” (Handmade Records)
Lemuel “Pop Pop” (Handmade Records)
Leonard “Claire Swire” (Number33 Music)
Leonard “Paul Weller” (Felix Records)
Letterbox Lambs “Not A Private Joke” (Stinkbuzz)
Lole “Feel Like Making Love” (Deepgrooves)
Losing Face “Spoken” (Deadboy Records)
Lucid 3 “Pitch Jumping” (Lupin Music)
Luger Boa “What Is Real?” (Stuka Records)

Mahinarangi Tocker “A Christmas Sale” (Tangata Records)
Maree Sheehan “Make U My Own” (Roadshow Music)
Mary “Bigger” (Panty Records)
Mary “I’ll Be Seeing You” (Panty Records)
MC OJ & Rhythm Slave “Joined at the Hip Hop” (Wildside Records)
Merenia “U Know (I Like It)” (Pagan Records)
Merenia “When You Leave” (Pagan Records)
Michelle Kazor “In this Life” (Independent)
Mighty Asterix “Sweetest Girl” (Deepgrooves)
Mika “Angel” (Marital Music)
My Life Story “What It’s All About” (Independent)
Myles “Sanctuary” (Warner Music)

Ngaire “The Look of Love” (Festival Records)
Ngaire “The Way I Feel About You” (Festival Records)
Nothing At All! “Super Bullet” (Festival Records)
NV “Don’t Make Me Wait” (PolyGram Records)
NV “Unlikely” (PolyGram Records)

Parker Project “Looking for the Real Thing” (Lunacy Music)
Paselode “C’Mon Hallelujah” (Wildside Records)
Pat Urlich “Love Chain” (Edge Music)
Paul Ubana Jones “Special Request” (Pagan Records)
Peter Stuyvesant Hitlist “Superkool” (BMG Music)
Pine “Speeding” (Arch Hill Recordings)
Pluto “On Your Own” (John Leach Presents)
Pluto “Perfectly Evil” (Antenna Recordings)
PNC “Memory Lane” (Dirty Records)
Pumpkinhead “Third Eye” (Wildside Records)

Recloose featuring Joe Dukie “Dust” (Loop Recordings)
Red Drum “Resurrect Jim” (Arch Hill Recordings)
Rhian Sheehan featuring Paul McLaney “Miles Away” (Loop Recordings)
Rhombus “Tour of Outer Space” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Ruia “Ka Tangi te Tītī, Ka Tangi te Kākā” (Tangata Records)

Salisha Taylor “I Saw An Angel (Angel Eyes)” (Kahu Records)
Salmonella Dub “Ez On” (Virgin Records)
Salmonella Dub “Loletta” (Virgin Records)
Scarf “Licence to Love” (BMG Music)
Second Child “Hold Back” (Wildside Records)
Second Child “Prove You Wrong” (Wildside Records)
Shihad “Ghost from the Past” (Wildside Records)
Slim “Crumbling” (Wildside Records)
Sommerset “Magdalene” (Kafuey)
Southern Tribe “Closer” (Airwigg Records)
Southside of Bombay “Say” (Pagan Records)
Southside of Bombay “Umbadada” (Pagan Records)
Spirals “Normal” (BMG Music)
Splitter “Tremolo Panned” (BMG Music)
Splitter “What You Know” (BMG Music)
Stereo Bus “Hey Thank You” (EMI Music NZ)
Steriogram “Free” (Sumo Music)
Strawpeople “Love My Way” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople featuring Jordan Reyne “Wire” (CRS Records)
Strong Islanders “Shining On” (Sony Music)
Supergroove “5th Wheel” (BMG Music)

Tadpole “Always Be Mine” (Antenna Recordings)
Tadpole “Now Today Forever” (Antenna Recordings)
Ted Brown “If Ever You Need” (Pagan Records)
Ted Brown and the Italians “Perfectly Good Pop Song” (Pagan Records)
Ted Brown and the Italians “Swerve” (Pagan Records)
Teina Benioni “Gone Fishing” (Birthday Records)
The 3Ds “Vector 27” (Flying Nun Records)
The Brainchilds “Piece It Together” (Jayrem Records)
The Brunettes “Boy Racer” (Lil’ Chief Records)
The D4 “Come On!” (Flying Nun Records)
The D4 “Ladies Man” (Flying Nun Records)
The Exponents “Do You Feel In Love” (Warner Music)
The Exponents “Summer You Never Meant” (Warner Music)
The Feelers “The Leaving” (Warner Music)
The Have “Monday Through Friday” (Independent)
The Holy Toledos “Mistakes In Remembering” (Sony Music)
The New Trends “Five Minutes With You” (Independent)
The Tufnels “Beautiful Ride” (Tristar Music)
The Tufnels “Pettibone” (Tristar Music)
The Warratahs “Walking The Tightrope” (Pagan Records)
These Wilding Ways “Set Love A Sail” (Tall Poppy)
These Wilding Ways “Take My Hand” (Tall Poppy)
Thorn “Same Things” (Lost Records)
Tim Finn “Many’s The Time (In Dublin)” (Periscope Productions)
Tono and the Finance Company “Love & Economics” (She’ll Be Right Records)
Tonto’s Headband “The Goblin” (Ode Records)
Tracie de Jong “The Longest Day” (Ode Records)
Trasch “Reason Rhyme” (Southside Records)
Trip to the Moon “Sexual Healing” (Antenna Recordings)
TrueBliss “Freedom” (Sony Music)

Upper Hutt Posse “Can’t Get Away” (Tangata Records)

Wonderkind “Destiny Change” (Probe Records)

Zed “I’m Cold” (Universal Music)

Missing videos

Some of these titles definitely had videos made, others were funded but for various reasons (and there are so many reasons), the video was never made and the funded went back to NZ On Air. I’m still figuring out which is which.

3 The Hard Way “B All Right” (Deepgrooves)
3 The Hard Way “Front Back Side” (Joy Records)
48May “Spinning Around” (Festival Mushroom Records)
5 Go Mad “Above My Head” (Marital Music)
50Hz “Smooth Rhodes” (Loop Recordings)

Aaria “Cry No More” (Phlypcyde Records)
AKA Brown “Tonight Is Yours” (Urban Pacifika Records)
Alphrisk “Guess Who’s Here” (Clientele Records)
Andrew Fagan “Empty” (Sony Music)
Annie Crummer “I Come Alive” (Warner Music)
Atlas “Downfall” (Elements Music)
Augustino “Overblown” (TaylorTalk Productions)

Bailter Space “Big Cat” (Flying Nun Records)
Bailter Space “So Am I” (Flying Nun Records)
Before Friday “Now” (Universal Music)
Bic Runga “That’s Alright” (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
Bike “Anybody Know” (Flying Nun Records)
Bike “Gaze” (Flying Nun Records)
Bilge Festival “Buried (Your Head)” (Wildside Records)
BJ White “Uptown” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Blackjack “Key to the Shade” (Hark Records)
Blackjack “Mother” (Hark Records)
Bobby Owen “Falling Urban” (Pacifika Records)
Brain Slaves “Weekend Story” (Big Softie Management)
Breaks Co-Op “Transister” (Deepgrooves)
Breathe “Get Yourself Together” (Sony Music)
Breathe “She Said” (Sony Music)
Breathe “Sick & Tired” (Sony Music)
Breathe “Waterslide” (Felix Records)
Brett Sawyer “No Mistake” (No.9 Records)
Brett Sawyer “Supercool” (No.9 Records)
Brett Sawyer “Where We Wanna Be” (No.9 Records)
Brothers & Sisters “Parihaka” (Tangata Records)
Buckle “Swoon” (Felix Records)

Canvas “Sunday” (Marmalade Audio)
Carmen Steele “Believe In Me” (Mai Music)
Cassette “Anticipate” (Tardus Music)
Cicada “Backstab” (Failsafe Records)
Cinema “Someone Has To” (Deepgrooves)
Coelacanth “Never” (Marital Music)
Crumb “Got It All” (Antenna Recordings)
Crystal Fitisemanu “Sunny Summer’s Day” (Independent)

D-Faction “Take a Little Piece” (Southside Records)
D-Super “The Moths” (Wildside Records)
Dam Native “Extremities” (Tangata Records)
Dam Native “Terminal Illness” (Tangata Records)
Dam Native “Top Notch Vocalist” (Tangata Records)
Dave Dobbyn “Hanging in the Wire” (Sony Music)
Dave Dobbyn “Just Add Water” (Sony Music)
Dave Dobbyn “My Kinda People” (Sony Music)
Dave Dobbyn “Waiting” (Sony Music)
Dead Flowers “Free” (Wildside Records)
Dead Flowers “Outer Space” (Wildside Records)
Dead Flowers “So Low” (Wildside Records)
Deep Obsession “I Surrender” (Universal Music)
Dei Hamo “International Whirl Roccar” (Papa Pacific Records)
Deja Voodoo “Frat Nation” (Liberation Music)
Delta “The Baddest” (Tonebender Records)
DLT “Black Panthers” (BMG Music)
DNE “Be There” (Deepgrooves)
DNE “The Cause” (Deepgrooves)
Donald Reid “The Return” (Broken Records)

Emulsifier “Rock Invader” (Wildside Records)
Ermehn “Nuttin’ Personal” (Deepgrooves)
Evermore “Gotta Hold” (On Warner Music)
Evermore “Pick Yourself Up” (Warner Music)
Eye TV “Doo Song” (Antenna Recordings)

Fat Mannequin “That Matters” (Hark Records)
Flipside “Movin'” (Universal Music)
Freaker “All Alone” (Deepgrooves)
Freaker “Mutilator” (Deepgrooves)
Fur Patrol “Sorry” (Wishbone Music)
Future Stupid “Greed” (Felix Records)
Future Stupid “Rock Star” (Felix Records)

Garageland “Crazy” (Flying Nun Records)
Garageland “Good Luck” (Flying Nun Records)
Gasoline Cowboy “Pass The Phone” (Gasoline Cowboy)
Gestalt Switch “Nothing Has Changed” (Independent)
Grace “Heart of Stone” (Deepgrooves)
GST “Hey You” (Intergalactic Records)
GST “Put Up a Fight” (Intergalactic Records)

Head Like a Hole “Hot Sexy Lusty” (Wildside Records)
Hendrix Warren “Empty” (Independent)
Hinewehi Mohi & Joel Haines “Tera Matariki” (Te Taura Whiri)
House of Downtown “What You Do” (Universal Music)

Igelese “Emotions” (Papa Pacific Records)

Jacqui Keelan Davey “Nobody” (Hark Records)
Jacqui Keelan Davey “Too Late” (Hark Records)
Jacqui Keelan Davey “Watching Me Drown” (Hark Records)
Jordan Reyne “Pandora’s Box” (Deepgrooves)
Joshna “Anything” (Acoustic Wave Records)
Jules Issa “No Rain No Shine” (Deepgrooves)

Kate In The Lemon Tree “Glide” (Pagan Records)

Larry Morris Band “Faster Than the Speed of Love” (Warner Music)
Lava Lava “Feel The Heat” (Huh! Records)
Lavina Williams featuring Emily Williams “Higher Lovin'” (Koolkut Productions)
Leza Corban “Comfort & Joy” (Ruby Records)
Lodger “Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me” (Felix Records)
Lole “Comfort Me” (Deepgrooves)
Lole “Take You Higher” (Deepgrooves)
Loniz “Child Street Bluez” (Festival/Mai FM)
Love & Violence “Turn To Me” (Airwigg Records)

Ma-V-Elle “Angel” (Birthday Records)
Ma-V-Elle “Don’t Be So Shy” (Birthday Records)
Ma-V-Elle “Love Is” (Birthday Records)
Ma-V-Elle “Never Say Goodbye” (Birthday Records)
Mace & The Woodcut Crew “Shake ‘m” (Offcut Records)
Mana “People” (Ode Records)
Mana “Tahu Song” (Ode Records)
Mana Wahine “Wahine Ataahua” (Tautoko Wahine)
Mara “Message At The Bottom” (Papa Pacific Records)
Maree Sheehan “Might As Well Shout” (Roadshow Music)
Mary “Big Boy (Santa’s In Town)” (Panty Records)
Mary “Golden Halo” (Panty Records)
Mary “Ophelia” (Panty Records)
Meno Panteboy “Any Kinda Weather” (Meno Panteboy)
Michael Murphy “How Good Does It Feel” (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
Michelle Rounds “Culture Cross” (Pacific Nation Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “Prophesy” (Tangata Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “Speak To Me” (Tangata Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “U Haven’t Done Nuthin” (Tangata Records)
Moizna “Summer Goodbye” (Urban Pacifika Records)
Muckhole “Kooza” (Felix Records)
Muckhole “Lie” (Felix Records)
My Conviction “Forgotten Face” (Reaction Records)

New Loungehead “Ike Just Do It” (Deepgrooves)
New Loungehead “Johnny 14” (Deepgrooves)
Niki Ahu “Nobody Knows” (Independent)
Niki Ahu “When I Had You” (Independent)
Nine Livez “Take Me Back” (BMG Music)
No Artificial Flavours “Homeland” (Machaventa)
Nomad “Life Forms” (Festival Mushroom Records)
Nurture “Beautiful” (Warner Music)

P A Styles “Summer Breeze” (House Of Shem)
P-Money “Go With The Flow” (Dirty Records)
P-Money featuring 4 Corners “The Xpedition” (Dirty Records)
Papa “For What It’s Worth” (Papa Pacific Records)
Paua Fritters “Her Story Local Music)
Pause “Jana” (Deepgrooves)
Pause “Kronos” (Deepgrooves)
Pause “Only” (Deepgrooves)
Peaches “Down In Splendour” (Peach Records)
Peaches “Go” (Peach Records)
Pierced “Painted Angels” (Frique Productions)
Pluto “Moscow Snow” (Antenna Recordings)
Pluto “Waiting Watching” (Slow Rodriguez Records)
PNC “Moonlight” (Dirty Records)
Propeller “Refrain” (Chronic Productions)
Propeller “Repeat the Question” (Chronic Productions)
Purrr “Oxygen” (Universal Music)

Rubicon “Doin’ Just Fine Without U” (Wildside Records)
Russell Harrison “The Best” (Tangata Records)
Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns “Hard To Let You Know” (Lil’ Chief Records)

Satellite Spies “Please Never Leave” (Andromeda Records)
Seven a Side “Running Back To You” (Tangata Records)
Shaft “Might As Well Be Dumb” (Action Records)
Shapeshifter “Dutchies” (Truetone Recordings)
Sheelahroc “If I Gave U Th’ Mic” (Footnote Records)
Shihad “Just Like Everybody Else” (Wildside Records)
Sina “Boy” (Huh! Records)
So So Modern “Skeleton Dance” (Neocon Records)
Soda “Falling Faster Now” (Massive Artists)
Sola Monday “All for a Dance” (Infinite Regress)
Solstate featuring Boh Runga “Alright Now” (Independent)
Southside of Bombay “Running” (Pagan Records)
Splitter “Departure Lounge” (BMG Music)
Splitter “Supermarket Girl” (Marital Music)
Splitter “You’re Right To Rock” (Double Happy Music)
Stellar “Real Papa” (Pacific Records)
Streetwise Scarlet “Oh Dear You’re All The Things” (Streetwise Scarlet)
Strong Islanders “Shining On” (Sony Music)
Subware “Into” (Reliable Recordings)
Sulata “Back To Hong Kong” (Deepgrooves)
Sulata “Find Yourself” (Deepgrooves)
Sulata “Motion” (Deepgrooves)
Sumix “Jump House” (Sony Music)
Suzanne Neumann “Lose Control” (b.line audio)

Taisha “I’ll Go” (Manawa Music)
Tangled “Find My Way” (Beaver Music)
Ted Brown and the Italians “Battle Inside” (Pagan Records)
The Bads “Don’t Go Losing” (Round Trip Mars)
The Braxton Hicks “Fake” (Independent)
The Exponents “Big World Out Your Window” (Sony Music)
The Have “What You Owe” (Independent)
The Nomad “Life Forms” (Festival Mushroom Records)
The Relaxomatic Project “At The Onset” (Antenna Recordings)
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine “Creature of the Night” (Independent)
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine “Want You Bad” (Independent)
The Subliminals “Uh-Oh” (Flying Nun Records)
Theo Va’a featuring Atilla “Little Angel” (Independent)
Thorazine Shuffle “Secret You Hide” (Chronic Productions)
Thorn “Horizon” (Lost Records)
Truce Lee “I Miss You” (833 Records)
Tyna & JB “High Noon” (Arch Dynasty)
Tyree featuring Young Sid & Deach “Oh No Move” (The Crowd Records)

Urban Disturbance “Figure This Kids” (Deepgrooves)

Vickie Evans “Let It Go” (Independent)

Whisperscream “Walls” (angel,baby)

Found videos

It’s not all missing videos. Here is the substantial list of over 150 videos (and counting) that have showed up since I started 5000 Ways in 2011. A big thanks to Peter McLennan who digitised a lot of mid-’90s videos from old episodes of Frenzy.

3 The Hard Way “All Around” (Deepgrooves)
3 The Hard Way “Many Rivers” (Deepgrooves)

AKA Brown “Something I Need” (Urban Pacifika Records)
Al Hunter “I Don’t Want To Go To Work” (Pagan Records)
Alastair Riddell “Peace Dream Solution” (Revolver Records)
Andrew Fagan “Exciting” (Sony Music)
Annie Crummer “Language” (Warner Music)
Annie Crummer “Love Not War” (Warner Music)
Annie Crummer “State of Grace” (Warner Music)
Annie Crummer “U Soul Me” (Warner Music)

Bailter Space “Pass It Up” (Flying Nun Records)
Bailter Space “Right Now” (Flying Nun Records)
Before Friday “Your Kiss” (Universal Music)
Betchadupa “Empty Head” (Flying Nun Records)
Betchadupa “Spill The Light” (Flying Nun Records)
Bic Runga “Sorry” (Sony Music)
Bilge Festival “He’s The Mummy” (Wildside Records)
Blackjack “Now You Fly” (Hark Records)
Breaks Co-Op “Sound Advice” (Deepgrooves)
Breaks Co-Op “Such the Spot” (Deepgrooves)
Breathe “Get To You” (Felix Records)
Breathe “Purple” (Felix Records)

Che Fu “Random” (Sony Music)
Che Fu “Without a Doubt” (BMG Music)
Cinema “Kuru” (Deepgrooves)
Cinematic “Already Gone” (Beats Bodega)
Cinematic “See You Round” (Beats Bodega)
Clearlight “Turn of the Century” (Huh! Records)
Cloudboy “(You’re So) Pretty” (Infinite Regress)
Cosa “Still Water” (Pagan Records)

Dam Native “Whakarongo Mai Nei” (Heart Music)
Dave Dobbyn & The Stone People “Don’t Hold Your Breath” (Sony Music)
David Parker “In Summer I Fall” (Lunacy Music)
David Parker “Love By Satellite” (Lunacy Music)
Dead Flowers “Watch Her Play” (Wildside Records)
Dimmer “Don’t Make Me Buy Out Your Silence” (Sony Music)
DLT featuring The Mighty Asterix “One Love” (BMG Music)
Dubious Bros “Rage” (Mai Music)

Emma Paki “Greenstone” (Virgin Records)
Emma Paki “Don’t Give It Up” (Virgin Records)
Emma Paki “Paradise” (Virgin Records)
Emulsifier “Get On Up” (Wildside Records)
Ermehn “Don’t Be Late” (Deepgrooves)
Ermehn “Stranded in the City” (Deepgrooves)
Ermehn “Walls of Steel” (Deepgrooves)
Eye TV (Nixons) “Tick Tock” (Pagan Records)
Eye TV (Nixons) “Laughing” (Pagan Records)
Eye TV “Freeze Frame & Fade Out” (Antenna Recordings)

Fiona McDonald “Sin Again” (Flying Nun Records)
Fuemana “Rocket Love” (Deepgrooves)
Fuemana “Seasons” (Deepgrooves)

Garageland “Life Is So Sweet” (Flying Nun Records)
Garageland “Looking For What I Can’t Get” (Flying Nun Records)
Garageland “Love Song” (Flying Nun Records)
Garageland “What You Gonna Do” (Flying Nun Records)
Garageland “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are” (CRS Records)
Gramsci “Easy” (Venn Records)
Greg Johnson “If I Swagger” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson “Climb Back Up” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson Set “Come On” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson “Let Time Be Still” (Universal Music)
Greg Johnson Set “Sun Beat Down” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson Set “Talk In This Town” (Pagan Records)
Greg Johnson Set “Winter Song” (Pagan Records)

Head Like A Hole “Chalkface” (Wildside Records)
Head Like A Hole “Faster Hooves” (Wildside Records)
Hilt “274 Whitney” (Independent)
Hinewehi Mohi “Potiki” (Tangata Records)

Igelese “Groovalation” (Papa Pacific Records)
Inchworm “Come Out Wherever You Are” (Hark Records)
Inchworm “Give Up” (Dedear Records)
Indigenous Funk Company “Down With Me” (Tangata Records)

Jan Preston “Stop the Fight” (Jayrem Records)
Joint Force “Burntime” (BMG Music)
Joint Force “Static” (BMG Music)
Jordan Reyne “Long Way To Climb” (Deepgrooves)
Jules Issa “Dangerous Game” (Deepgrooves)
Jules Issa “Found in You” (Deepgrooves)
Jungle Fungus “Crushed” (Roadshow Music)

Kas the Field Style Orator “Hibiscus Milk” (Papa Pacific Records)

Let’s Planet “Arm & A Leg” (Pagan Records)
Lodger “Forever” (Felix Records)
Lole “Just Wanna” (Papa Pacific Records)
Love Soup “You” (Pagan Records)

Ma-V-Elle “Three Flow” (Birthday Records)
Maree Sheehan “You Can’t Hide Love” (Roadshow Music)
Marystaple “Labourer” (Staple Sounds)
Marystaple “New Dog” (Staple Sounds)
Matty J “Somewhere You’re There” (EMI Music)
Matty J Ruys “Cruisin'” (EMI Music NZ)
Matty J Ruys “Mine” (EMI Music NZ)
Matty J & The Soul Syndicate “Colour Blind” (Edge Music)
MC OJ & Rhythm Slave “Money Worries” (Wildside Records)
Michelle Rounds “How Deep Is My Love?” (Independent)
Moana & The Moahunters “Give It Up Now” (Tangata Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “I’ll Be The One” (Tangata Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “Moko” (Tangata Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “Peace, Love & Family” (Tangata Records)
Moana & The Moahunters “Treaty” (Tangata Records)
Moizna “Keep On Moving” (Urban Pacifika Records)
My Conviction “My Conviction” (Reaction Records)
Muckhole “Not Like U” (Felix Records)

Nathan Haines “Lady J” (Huh! Records)
Nathan Haines “Beda” (Huh! Records)
Nicolette “Blue Day” (Universal Music)
Ngaire “Can U Be Strong For Me” (Festival Records)

Otara Phil-Harmonic “Drummer Boy” (Papa Pacific Records)

Pash “Doo Wop” (Sony Music)
Pitch Black “Electric Earth” (“Rhythms & Mutations”) (Kog Transmissions)
Propeller “Suva Yacht Club” (Chronic Productions)
Purrr “Workout” (Universal Music)
Purrr “Can’t Stop (Thinking About You)” (Universal Music)

Rhombus “Step It Up” (Moko Entertainment)

Salmonella Dub “Drifting” (Virgin Records)
Salmonella Dub “Dancehall Girl” (Virgin Records)
Sam Hunt with SansAmp “Your Body Has No Flaw” (Antenna Recordings)
Satellite Spies “It Must Be Love” (Andromeda Records)
Second Child “Crumble” (Wildside Records)
Second Child “Desire You” (Wildside Records)
Second Child “Disappear” (Wildside Records)
Semi Lemon Kola “Otherwise” (Chronic Productions)
Shona Laing “Kickback” (Sony Music)
Shona Laing “Thief To Silver” (Sony Music)
Splitter “Bad For Me” (BMG Music)
Stellar “Happy Gun” (Soda Pop Records)
Strawpeople “Beautiful Skin” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “Boxers” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “City Lights” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “Crying” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “It’s Not Enough” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “Love Explodes” (Pagan Records)
Strawpeople “Spoiler” (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “Sun Comes Up” [“Inject Me”] (Sony Music)
Strawpeople “Under The Milky Way” (Sony Music)
Sulata “Mancini” (Deepgrooves)
Supergroove “Can’t Get Enough” (BMG Music)
Supergroove “Here Comes The Supergroove” (BMG Music)
Supergroove “If I Had My Way” (BMG Music)
Supergroove “Next Time” (BMG Music)

Tadpole “Yesterday” (Benthouse Records)
Tama Renata “Theme from Once Were Warriors” (Flying Nun Records)
Ted Brown & The Italians “How Is The Air Up There” (Pagan Records)
The Brainchilds “Thinking About You” (Jayrem Records
The Brainchilds “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Jayrem Records)
The D4 “Girl” (Flying Nun Records)
The Exponents “One In A Lifetime” (Sony Music)
The Feelers “Stand Up” (Warner Music)
The Holy Toledos “Love’s Not Fair” (Sony Music)
The Katene Sisters “Keeping Up The Love Thing” (Warner Music)
The Tufnels “Husky Vooms” (Tristar Music)
The Verlaines “Hanging By Strands” (Sony Music)
The Verlaines “Mission Of Love” (Mushroom Records)
The Verlaines “Tremble” (Mushroom Records)
The Weather “That’s the Main Thing” (Flying Nun Records)
Thorazine Shuffle “Emperor’s New Clothes” (Chronic Productions)
Thorazine Shuffle “More Than Anyone” (Chronic Productions)
Trip To The Moon “I Can Change” (Antenna Recordings)
True Bliss “Number One” (Sony Music)

Unitone HiFi “Sitting By The Telephone” (Deepgrooves)
Upper Hutt Posse “Stormy Weather” (Tangata Records)
Upper Hutt Posse “As The Blind See” (Tangata Records)
Urban Disturbance “Robert Jane” (Deepgrooves)
Urban Disturbance “Impressions” (Deepgrooves)
Urban Disturbance “No Flint No Flame” (Deepgrooves)
Urban Pacifika “One” (Urban Pacifika Records)

Voom “Relax” (Antenna Recordings)

When The Cat’s Been Spayed “Cream” (Kiwi Pacific Records)
World Gone Wild “Touch” (Definitive Records)

Young & Ruthless “Run For Cover” (Southside Records)

6 thoughts on “Lost and found”

  1. Teina T Benioni (Bamboo band 1988-1994 founder) – Bamboo band nz single releases – Time (music video) – Tribute (no video) – Do what I did (music video) – 10 guitars (no music video)
    Teina T Benioni (soloist) 1995 nz single release Gonefishing (music video) these are facts by me Teina T Benioni wuhu! July 2013 TTB PHATGAT

  2. Hi Robyn – Stephen from 5 Go Mad has transferred the only existing copy of ‘Above my Head’ – and one of us will get it to you ASAP.

    There is a box of masters in a box inside a wall of an Italian restaurant off Dominion Road that has masters for another 3-4 missing videos.

    I will try and get a contact for the place in the next few days.. and secure that box!


    1. That’s great news! Cheers to both of you! And I’m very intrigued about the box in the wall of the Italian restaurant. It sounds like just the sort of place that a long-lost box of videos should be!

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