Greg Johnson “My Ship Is Sitting Low”

1997-greg-johnson-my-ship-is-sitting-lowThis video has plenty of humour, crazy and cameos from the bFM cool kids. Greg Johnson described it as one of his favourite videos because it was so much fun. The Paul Casserly-directed adventure starts with Greg in the back of a cab, getting grilled by the taxi driver on his music style.”Oh, just songs, you know.”

Greg is dropped off at a bold turquoise-painted house, where he sings his song of friendship and drinking to a cat on the doorstep. Nearby three young women (including Jodie Rimmer) read wrestling mags, while a paperboy (Marcus Lush) tries to cram the thick ’90s paper into the tiny ’50s paper tube on the letterbox.

Meanwhile a stressed-out businessman (Graeme Hill) suffers a car breakdown outside Greg’s house, while the paperboy is bothered by a pesky kid and her waterpistol.

Jodie Rimmer, meanwhile, has truly alarming hair – short, bleached, spiked. Total ’90s raver kid. Is this the part of the ’90s we’ll remember?

The song is all about the fun of getting a bit munted, but judging from all the action in this neighbourhood, these people should stay away from the booze.

Best bit: the cat – chilling on the front steps in a world of crazy.

Director: Paul Casserly
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a muttonchopped, drunk, sweaty Elvis wannabe.

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