The Exponents “La La Lulu”

The influence of Quentin Tarantino slowly works its way into the mid-’90s. The last time we saw Jordan and the lads they were relaxing on a beach. This time around, they’re all Reservoir Dogged up in fancy suits.

The action initially takes place in a small steel room. The walls are made of non-slip steel plates but the floor is smooth. It’s a health and safety disaster just waiting to happen.

Occasionally the image freezes in black and white, and a tabloid-style headline flashes up – “criminal sex appeal”, “online erotic” and the titular Lulu. Is this an attempt to brainwash an entire generation who will forever associate “online erotic” with an image of Jordan Luck, and thereby ruining internet porn forever?

Next the action moves to an old quarry with the lads going for a hoon in an old car. They then get out and graffiti the car, but it’s very awkward graffiti. Here’s the thing – the idea of graffiti in a music video seems quite cool, but in the hands of a non-artist, it just ends up looking like the stuff Telecom workers do on the footpath before digging it up.

The car is then smashed up, but it’s good to see the Exponents are wearing protective eyewear as they do it. But because the health and safety compliant graffiting and smashing is a bit lacklustre, the car is finally blown up. Mr Tarantino would have done it better.

Best bit: “Online erotic”, a niche activity in the mid-’90s.

Director: Mark Tierney
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… getting out of bed.

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