Bailter Space “Splat”

1995-bailter-space-splatNew York, just like I pictured it: backwards. Bailter Space are in the Big Apple again, this time in a reversed, slowed-down, one-take video. So this means they would have learnt to play the song backwards and sped-up. Spike Jonez’s video for The Pharcyde’s song “Drop” packs in more amazing stuff, but “Splat” is a visual extravaganza.

Like most backwards videos, it is a bit gimmicky, but the laidback, meandering style of the video suits the song, complete with the grungy slacker kids hanging out.

Other highlights include a man un-eating an apple, and a laughing couple who appear to throw a bucket of paint at a wall, but the camera doesn’t manage to capture the splat itself.

Best bit: John Halvorsen actually backwards-playing his bass notes in perfect time with the music. Whoa.

Director: Julie Hermelin
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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