Sulata “Never”

1994-sulata-neverThere was something odd with this video and I couldn’t work out what. Then suddenly I realised – there are only two close-ups of Sulata. Most of the video is a wide shot of Suluta and her band – a double-bassist, drummer and oboe player. And it’s an awkward wide shot. The oboe player doesn’t have a lot to do and jigs about, at one stage raising the oboe to his lips, before realising there’s still a few more bars left until the oboe kicks in.

I can see what the director was trying to achieve with this video – basically, a video as cool as the very cool song. But it comes across more like CCTV footage of a band rehearsing, suddenly interrupted by a guy in a bar doing a rap.

What I’m coming to learn though the 5000 Ways project is that while it is possible to make a music video for only $5000, it takes skill to make a really good music video on that budget.

Best bit: the sudden change of setting for the rap.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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