The Mutton Birds “Ngaire”

1994-the-mutton-birds-ngaireA man, played by actor and comedian Alan Brough, is stood up at an airport when his Ngaire doesn’t make her flight. The airport footage captures the simultaneous tedium and excitement of airports. But where is Ngaire?

We don’t see much of airport man, but we do get glimpses of a Roman statue. Horrific flashbacks to the “Blink” episode of Doctor Who aside, the statue appears to be Miss Ngaire in another form. “Oh, Ngaire,” the Mutton Birds wail.

Suddenly we’re faced with Catholic sacred heart imagery (with a gooey red centre). And Statue Ngaire is seen at the 3 Guys supermarket, down the local for a pint, at a service station, and finally bobbing in a swimming pool. If Ngaire is a statue, maybe airport guy only missed her because she had been taken to the cargo area.

I like Mutton Birds videos that are a little bit strange and don’t try to be a proper grown-up rock band. Maybe that’s why they never conquered England, but it’s meant they have a whole lot of really good music videos.

Best bit: Ngaire being ignored by the man at the pub, even though she’s standing there with her boobs out.

Director: Mairi Gunn

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… some smooth grooves.

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