December 2008: Goodnight Nurse, Greg Johnson, House of Shem, Iva Lamkum, Josh Leys, Luger Boa

A fun family barbecue, a symbolic carnival ride, a chilled out love song, attack of the clones, and a portrait of the artist as a young, etc.

June 2008: Gin Wigmore, Goodnight Nurse, Greg Johnson, Hera, Iva Lamkum, Luger Boa, Lydia Cole

Down at the hall, pink liquid dribbles, a lazy Monday, good girl gone bad, kung fu pose-off, and a lonely lady.

June 2006: Goodnight Nurse, Greg Johnson, Hinewehi Mohi & Joel Haines, Ill Semantics, Katchafire

’06 Bonnie and Clyde, Greg’s Americana, angry graffiti, and the children (who are the future).

August 2005: Elemeno P, Goldenhorse, Goodnight Nurse, Greg Johnson, Kimbra, My Life Story, OG

A diabolical casino, teen romance, a shady lady (and man), bad suits, a tropical winter, a punk house and a wander in the countryside.

Greg Johnson “It’s Been So Long”

The video centres on a clown. We meet him alone at his house, before he sets off into the city. The futuristic looking Britomart station has been used a lot in music videos, so it’s really refreshing to see the clown take a train to Britomart and walk through it as a commuter, not as … Continue reading Greg Johnson “It’s Been So Long”

Greg Johnson “Save Yourself”

So, here’s a simple concept – Greg Johnson goes for a wander at Piha, while the girl of his dreams lounges about the house. Well, let’s just hope he doesn’t go tracking sand in the house when he comes home. “I’ve been exploring your mind,” sings Greg. “I found giant rivers, mountain ranges never climbed.” … Continue reading Greg Johnson “Save Yourself”

Greg Johnson Set “Come On”

Greg Johnson takes a further step away from the straight folky video of “Isabelle” and introduces a popular video theme of the ’90s – freaky friends. But being a gentle acoustic folk-pop song, it’s a classier version of the usual leather and latex scenario. We find Greg lying on his canopy deathbed, surrounded by his … Continue reading Greg Johnson Set “Come On”

Greg Johnson Set “Talk in this Town”

“Talk in this Town” was the follow-up single to Greg’s debut song “Isabelle”. It has a similar folky sound, but with a more upbeat theme. It’s all about gossipmongers, a not uncommon subject in the world of pop. The video opens with an introduction of the band – it is, after all, the Greg Johnson … Continue reading Greg Johnson Set “Talk in this Town”

Greg Johnson Set “Sun Beat Down”

The more Greg Johnson videos I see, the more appreciation I have for his video oeuvre. There are are some rippers in there and “Sun Beat Down” is one of them. Directed by Mark Tierney and Paul Casserly, it has a slick, ’90s western feel to it, probably influenced by the work of Robert Rodriguez. … Continue reading Greg Johnson Set “Sun Beat Down”