August 2005: Elemeno P, Goldenhorse, Goodnight Nurse, Greg Johnson, Kimbra, My Life Story, OG

A diabolical casino, teen romance, a shady lady (and man), bad suits, a tropical winter, a punk house and a wander in the countryside.

Elemeno P “Burn”

Elemeno P go goth-punk and have a gig at “Paradise Lost: Satan’s Casino”. And of course, being Satan’s casino, it’s full of pokie machines. No one’s playing them, though – unless maybe the machines are haunted by the souls of the damned, cursed to eternally never hit three cherries in a row. “Burn” is a song of defiance, but the video doesn’t play to that. If Elemeno P are the house band in hell, they need to get better gigs.

Goldenhorse “Fish”

I think this is the first time that Goldenhorse has delivered a duet. Maybe they’re feeling a bit nervous about it because the video is going for a dirty window aesthetic. Kirsten, Geoff and the band become gloomy half-lit figures. Maybe it’s the low-quality version on YouTube, but it just seems a really half-arsed video. Why even bother making a video if it’s just going to be a murky mess?

Goodnight Nurse “Our Song”

Oh hey, it’s another song from Grammy-winning songwriter Joel Little! The break-up song sees the punk-pop dudes dial it down a bit, and the video gets dramatic by putting them in an empty house. There’s some slightly surreal action with Joel appearing in picture frames – very music video. But most importantly – they’re all dressed really well.

Director: Stephen Tolfrey
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Greg Johnson “Don’t Be The One”

Greg’s ode to the power of love sees him out in the countryside, hanging out by an old barn. This is the 20th Greg Johnson music video to receive NZ On Air funding – only Shihad and the Feelers have had more funded videos.

Kimbra “Deep For You”

Years before she was part of Gotye’s global hit single “Somebody That I Used To Know”, Kimbra was a highly ambitious 15-year-old singer-songwriter from Hamilton with an impressive debut single. The video involves Kimbra pursuing a young gothic guy. The plot packs a bit too much in to be easily digested in music video form, but Kimbra still outperforms others with decades of experience.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

My Life Story “Fairytale Life”

My Life Story was a former Rockquest band who enjoyed a bit of live success in the early 2000s – they even have a live DVD. “Fairytale Life” – about growing tired of the comforts in life – sees the lads wearing unflattering suits and fussed over by stylists, then breaking free to be themselves in t-shirts and jeans.

Director: Ivan Slavov
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

OG featuring Ladi6 “Change for the Better”

OG is Oakley Grenell, son of New Zealand country music legend John Hore Grenell. But “Change for the Better” is a smooth jazzy jam, with silky vocals from Ladi6. The video is shot in Dunedin and sees OG discover that his new single has the ability to make the cold, grey Dunedin weather feel like tropical sunshine. This inspires an outdoor party held in bleak midwinter, grooving with potato salad while it snows.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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