August 2007: The Brain Slaves, The Exiles, The New Freedom, The Valves, These Four Walls, Tiki Taane, Tim Finn

Colonial oppression, a walk around Auckland, DIY CGI, fireworks night, frustration, and a very physically expressive style.

Tim Finn “Say It Is So”

This is a Tim Finn video but the star ends up being Mareea Paterson, the bass player in his touring band, the Dirty Creatures. The video features around the band’s 2002 tour, and a performance of at the Civic Wintergarden (and the web tells me this gig took place on 19 October 2002). We see … Continue reading Tim Finn “Say It Is So”

Tim Finn “I’ll Never Know”

This video has a great opening – a Sanyo radio plays the end of the Radio New Zealand long-range weather forecast for the districts, wrapping up with the Chatham Islands. We find Tim Finn alone in a dressing room, getting ready for a show. I’ve always thought that the RNZ long-range forecast is just as … Continue reading Tim Finn “I’ll Never Know”

Tim Finn “What You’ve Done”

I’m thinking about Tim Finn’s earlier video for his song “Twinkle”. Tim seems uneasy in front of the camera, like he’s not used to the whole pop star/music video business – when clearly by that stage he was a pro. But maybe it was just the setting. Maybe what Tim Finn needs to come alive … Continue reading Tim Finn “What You’ve Done”

Tim Finn “Underwater Mountain”

Signs point to this video not actually having NZOA funding. It’s not on the definitive completed videos list and there are no NZOA logos in the video. But it was on the original funding list from December 1999 and I like it so here it is. The video is directed by Matt Heath and Chris … Continue reading Tim Finn “Underwater Mountain”

Tim Finn “Twinkle”

“Twinkle” was the only single from Tim Finn’s fifth solo album, the self-released “Say It Is So”. It’s a very simple video and seems on par with other indie efforts from the era. The video starts with a mysterious woman smoking a cigarette. This is a subtle change from smoking in music videos from the … Continue reading Tim Finn “Twinkle”

August 2009: J Williams, Junipah, Liam Finn, Luger Boa, Midnight Youth, Minuit

Loitering at the pool hall, all around town, here and not here, couch party, a post-apocalyptic nightclub, and askew showgirls.

June 2007: Fur Patrol, Hera, Liam Finn, Midnight Youth, My Life Story, Paul McLaney, Pine

A bath full of wine, playing in the leaves, a small church, ┬álove letters, a girl’s name, golden years and ur teacha iz da best.

Deja Voodoo “Today, Tomorrow, Timaru”

Up until this point, Deja Voodoo had been the jokily rubbish house band of the chaotic televisual experience that was Back of the Y. But the lads got a bit more serious and hit the road with something resembling a proper band. Members Chris Stapp and Matt Heath had previously directed music videos for other … Continue reading Deja Voodoo “Today, Tomorrow, Timaru”

March 2010: Anika Moa, Annabel Fay, Autozamm, Black River Drive, Boh Runga, Bulletproof, Computers Want Me Dead, Concord Dawn

Running through the ’80s, over yonder in old Havana town, haunted by a ghost, doctoring the rock, rocking the winery, Slave takes over, computron 2010, down at the Prater.