Friends From Sweden “So Beautiful”

2004-friends-from-sweden-so-beautifulFriends From Sweden was the secret solo project of Mareea Paterson, who’s previously popped up in music videos as a serial session bass player for Tim Finn, Amber Claire and Jordan Luck, not to mention as part of Delta.

Friends From Sweden was Mareea’s way of having a solo project but not being the focus of it. As she told the Herald in 2006, “I’ve just got no desire to be at the front of a band. I like being the bass player.”

But along comes the “So Beautiful” video and she’s right there at the front. She’s not even competing for attention with the friends who played on the song – the rest of the band are played by mannequins, dressed in white suits and sporting Beatles haircuts. Note: this is actually more stylish than a lot of human bands manage in their videos.

Despite having a great look, the video doesn’t quite come together. Perhaps it’s because “So Beautiful” is such a lively rock song that it really needs a full band to make the some come alive. A bunch of mannequins, no matter how stylishly dressed, just aren’t rockin’.

Best bit: one of the mannequins is left-handed.

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Next… Elvisness (or lack thereof).

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