Foamy Ed “Exhale”

2004-foamy-ed-exhaleFrom memory, I’ve only comes across two other all-female bands – the sweet melodic pop of Mary and the sneering grunge of Snort. And now here’s Foamy Ed, a bold punk-pop group, with Lani of Elemeno P on bass.

Given how few all-female bands they are (though the ratio of “acts with at least one female performer” to all-male lineups is about 1:2), it’s just really refreshing to watch a video that fully embraces that all-girl world.

“Exhale” is a fierce, angry song, performed by Foamy Ed on stage at a club. But the audience aren’t all that interested in the band – there’s a fight going on. Two fans are scrapping on the dancefloor.

There’s so much energy in this video. One thing that has become apparent from watching tons of videos is there are some bands who – for whatever reason – just come across as really boring in music videos. Director Briar March has done a brilliant job in capturing Foamy Ed’s punk-arse mania.

Best bit: lead singer Fleur wears glasses and looks super cool.

Director: Briar March
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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