The Bats “Afternoon In Bed”

1995-bats-afternoon-in-bedFor the first time since reading the phrase “creamy legato slides” in Rolling Stone magazine in the mid ’90s, I have a situation in which I can use it. Because indeed creamy legato slides are at the heart of this most chilled out song.

I’m really happy that the video does not at any stage involve a person in bed. The video does, however, open with a mysterious fellow wearing pyjamas. But rather than being in be, he’s atop an oceanside cliff, digging a hole.

We also see the band playing the song in an old warehouse. Even when the song revs up a little they remain seated, as if they’re too chilled out to bother with any rock antics.

I like this video because it just works really nicely with the song. It’s not bold or ambitious. It just nicely does the job of illustrating the song.

Best bit: the brief shot of a cat.

Director: John Chrisstoffels
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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The Bats “Courage”

“Courage” is a brilliant song, though it has always felt like an instrumental song that’s had vocals written for it as an after thought. The video knows it’s a great song, and so the video doesn’t try any dumb tricks. It’s a simple performance video shot in high-contrast colour as the band play in front of a crinkled silver backdrop.

Using a really simple setting, it looks like the focus has then gone on the production – good lighting and a few post-production tricks to make it look cooler.

It manages to capture the finesse and serious tone of the song, and is probably a good example of making a good looking video on a budget. I mean, there’s a major label behind it, but the sole location feels like a budgetary decision.

But you know what? Simple videos are really hard to write about. It’s much easier when random crazy stuff happens. Videos with a subplot are even more awesome.

Best bit: the faux film frame visual effect.

Director: Karyn Hay
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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