The Bats “Courage”

“Courage” is a brilliant song, though it has always felt like an instrumental song that’s had vocals written for it as an after thought. The video knows it’s a great song, and so the video doesn’t try any dumb tricks. It’s a simple performance video shot in high-contrast colour as the band play in front of a crinkled silver backdrop.

Using a really simple setting, it looks like the focus has then gone on the production – good lighting and a few post-production tricks to make it look cooler.

It manages to capture the finesse and serious tone of the song, and is probably a good example of making a good looking video on a budget. I mean, there’s a major label behind it, but the sole location feels like a budgetary decision.

But you know what? Simple videos are really hard to write about. It’s much easier when random crazy stuff happens. Videos with a subplot are even more awesome.

Best bit: the faux film frame visual effect.

Director: Karyn Hay
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… goths eating cherries.

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    1. What country are you in? That clip’s from MTV, so if you go to the MTV (or VH1) website for your region, it ought to be there to play.

  1. I’m in blighty. Very odd. The inability to play did have the pleasing consequence of forcing me to go and dig the Silverbeet album out of storage for a listen though…

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