Holy Toledos “Love’s Not Fair”

There’s something really adorable about the Holy Toledos. They look like music nerds, the sort of guys who study music theory and are quite serious about making quality guitar pop. “Love’s Not Fair” has a very Crowded House feel to it, especially with the close harmonies on the verses.

The video features the band in three locations: out and about in downtown Auckland, playing live, and enjoying an afternoon jam session in a sunny garden.

In the live footage, three of the band are wearing waistcoats. Is this an attempt at a cohesive visual image, or were waistcoats quite fashionable in the early ’90s? Or does this exist outside the realm of visual identity and fashion?

The band seems a little doomed. While they wrote brilliant songs, there was just something missing from them. No pin-up band member to set girls hearts on fire. No bad boy rock god to admire. They just seemed like a group of really nice guys who formed a band and wrote pleasant songs.

Best bit: the up and down ride in the glass lift.

Note: sadly, this video has since been made private so it’s no longer viewable.

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  5. I thought what I’d written was quite positive, really.
  6. When I say things like, “They look like music nerds” or that the band had, “No bad boy rock god to admire”, I’m just talking about how the music video appears to me. And again, I don’t consider these negative attributes.
  7. I’ve never ever met the Holy Toledos, but they seem like nice guys. (But is that what you’re trying to tell me: that they’re actually not at all nice? Badass!)
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Holy Toledos “Not To Say”

I am utterly charmed by this band. They are a five-piece folk-rock band, with a 100% geek membership. Their lead singer has a cherub-faced look going on, and they all look like they’ve been taking music lessons since they were kids.

The band play the song in a slightly shabby looking Vulcan Lane of the 90s, in front of a wall of band posters (one for an Elvis impersonator). The inner-city location gives the band an edge of cool, but did they even need it? The song chorus even ends with the hilariously anti-BJ line “stop going down”.

There’s one great bit where a band member steps up on a park bench, then almost immediately steps down, as if he’s not quite ready for centre stage.

The video is obviously low-budget and a bit repetitive, but it captures the charm of the band and is a good debut as any.

Best bit: a brief shot of an old man enjoying an ice cream.

Note: this video has since been made private so it can no longer be viewed. Booo.

Director: Karyn Hay
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… Bond-esque thrills.

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