Holy Toledos “Not To Say”

I am utterly charmed by this band. They are a five-piece folk-rock band, with a 100% geek membership. Their lead singer has a cherub-faced androgynous look going on, and they all look like they’ve been taking music lessons since they were kids.

The band play the song in a slightly shabby looking Vulcan Lane, in front of a wall of band posters (one for an Elvis impersonator). It seems like they’ve chosen an inner city location to make up for their own lack of cool, but they should have just owned their geekfulness. I meaan, they’re so geeky, the chorus ends with the hilariously anti-BJ line “stop going down”.

There’s one great bit where a band member steps up on a park bench, then almost immediately steps down, as if he knows that standing on a bench is not what a good citizen does.

It’s obviously low budget and a bit repetitive, but it captures the charm of the band and is a good debut as any.

Best bit: a brief shot of an old man enjoying an ice cream.

Note: this video has since been made private so it can no longer be viewed. Booo.

Director: Karyn Hay
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… Bond-esque thrills.

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  1. If I recall correctly – and it is entirely possible that I do not – these guys were from Christchurch. With the same line-up, they also played as an Irish band at The Bog, which was the leading venue for the jumping-up-and-down-on-the-spot that we called Irish Pub Dancing in the early 90s. (At the end of exams in 1994, I sprained my knee dancing to this band in that bar – a venue that changed hands & names but stayed Irish till this year. The building has just been demolished, post-EQ.)

  2. Their Wikipedia page (ooh, fancy!) confirms that they were indeed from Christchurch. Interesting factoid – Paul Hester from Crowded House co-produced much of their second album. Sony must have held high hopes for them.

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