October 2005: Nesian Mystik, North Shore Pony Club, Pluto, Recloose, Shocking Pinks, Sola Rosa

A raucous children’s party, retro computer games attack, fleabag hotel intrigue, a hideous car crash, picking up chicks, and a badman,

Nesian Mystik “If It’s Cool”

“If It’s Cool” is a breezy baby-ur-so-fine song that samples The Style Council’s “Shout to the Top”. The video starts with various band members picking up chicks by the steps near the Tepid Baths, then throwing a party for their new baes to enjoy. The song was one of Nesian Mystik’s 11 top-10 singles and just shows the band doing what they do best.

Director: Andrew Morton
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

North Shore Pony Club “Computer Games”

This cover of the Mi-Sex song takes inspiration from video games of the ’80s. It shows familiar Auckland landscapes (Carlaw Park, the Symonds Street graveyard, the AUT campus, the motorway) and introduces giant pixellated characters. But it’s ok – they come in peace, though they do spill a guy’s coffee.

Director: Stephen Tolfrey
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Pluto “Broken Hearted”

“Broken Hearted” is a gentle country ballad, but the video is set in hotel, drenched in red light, with wigs, hats and tattoos, where everyone looks sexy and/or mysterious. Lead singer Milan is doing a Mel C by wearing a gold tooth. NB: there’s a possibility this video didn’t end up having NZOA funding.

Director: Paul Taylor

Recloose “Mana’s Bounce”

“Mana’s Bounce” an animated adventure, set in the lively world of a kid’s birthday party. But it’s a cool party, with the grown-ups also enjoying the backyard barbecue. The animated characters in the video are based on photos of real people, involving “812 body parts, 55 characters [and] 927 photos”. It won Best Director at the 2006 Kodak Music Clip Awards and was another recipient of the $1500 grant from Positively Wellington Business for producing the video in the Wellington region.

Directors: Jeremy Mansford, Preston McNeil
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Shocking Pinks “End of the World”

This video takes place in a hideous car wreck. Shocking Pinks’ creative genius Nick sits in a dazed state at the wheel while his passenger is slumped over next to him. As the first responders come to their aid, and the sparks from the angle grinder look unexpectedly pretty. There’s no neat conclusion, which is a very satisfying way to end the video.

Directed: Richard Bell
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Sola Rosa featuring Spikey Tee “Badman”

While Spikey Tee tells the story of the badman, there’s a kerfuffle involving a guy with bad hair and bad teeth wanting to get into a club, a well dressed guy who accesses a secret HQ via a toilet cubical, and some in-the-club action. It’s all green screen, but kinda fun.

Director: Mark Trethewey
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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