Korza “Reminisce”

2005-korza-reminisceKorza was an MC originally from Whangarei. He only had the one funded music video, but in 2005 he was also attempting the world record for non-stop rapping, aiming for 27 hours. I haven’t been able to find out whether this was successful, but a warm-up 12-hour session was.

“Reminisce” is much shorter – a sensible 2:53. The video sees Korza in two locations – hanging out at a suburban street party, and rapping in front of a wharenui. It’s shot both in colour and black and white, along with black and white still photos of much higher quality. It reminds me of Katchafire’s “Close Your Eyes” video, which had similar contrasts between video and still footage. Maybe the secret is to just focus on the still pics and not use the less impressive video footage.

Best bit: the three tattooed, shirtless men bonding with bro hugs.

Next… visualisation mode.

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