King Kapisi “Raise Up”

2005-king-kapisi-raise-upKing Kapisi returns with the first single from his third album, Dominant Species. The video is very dark, edgy and urban, a complete change from the fresh outdoor settings of his earlier videos.

The video takes place on the most gothiest basketball court. It’s black, with a black and grey graffiti mural on the back wall. Playing on the court are two teams of four, both dressed in arrangements of black and white sportswear.

2005-unakapisiKing Kapisi also joins in with the neutral colours. Alternating an entirely black and entirely white combo of hoodie and shorts. He wears the hood up and pairs it with sunglasses, which gives him the look of the Unabomber’s police sketch.

The overall black palette of the video does make it seem like King Kapisi is trying to be all tough and serious, which reminds me of New Kids on the Block’s ill-fated attempt to go gangsta in the mid ’90s. But, ok, it is still a very stylishly shot video.

Best bit: the dramatic goal shooting of the basketball game.

Director: Sam Peacocke
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… shirtless street party.

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