4 Corners “On the Downlow”

2005-4-corners-on-the-downlowAfter previously appearing as guest vocalists on a couple of P-Money tracks, Hamilton hip hop trio 4 Corners returned with the first of their own videos. “On the Downlow” is an uplifting, soul-sampling number and the video initially emphasises the soul by using a full band. Take that, Kendrick.

But a straight performance video just isn’t enough when 4 Corners have an important announcement to make: they’re from Hamilton, y’all. The band move outside, specifically to Boyes Park in central-ish Hamilton. They rap in front of the scenic fountains, but obviously the fountains were not cool enough, as a basketball hoop has been brought along to make the pretty park look a bit gritty and urban.

Back in the central city, there’a bit of graffiti on a wall next to the polytech, then they’re down to the Ferrybank park to pose by the Bridge Street Bridge, all lit up at night. Finally the whole gang pose in front the entrance to Hamilton Central. It’s a really bold, dramatic shot, though slightly undermined when you know that Hamilton Central is a bland mall, which always seems to be 90% empty shops. But hey, it has a big sign that looks cool in a music video.

This video serves a mini tour around Hamilton and it’s again inspired me to plot the locations on a Google map.

But here’s the thing. This dorky tour of Hamilton is cool and all, but there has to be a point where Hamilton bands move from “Wahey! We’re in Hamilton” and just use the 07 location as an incidental location, not focal point of the video.

Best bit: The killer line, “Sulphur’s in the air like Rotorua and Gomorrah.”

Director: Andrew Sorenson

Next… black, white, monochrome.

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