Sommerset “Faded”

2004-sommerset-fadedThe “Faded” video follows Sommerset on tour in Germany in 2004. It immediately reminded me of the video for Steriogram’s song “Road Trip”, and then I realised that both videos were directed by Andrew Morton.

That’s not to say this video is a clone of “Road Trip”. Steriogram’s video was more focused on both the good and bad aspects life on the road, while “Faded” has more of an emphasis on the live shows.

“Faded” is a strong anthemic song so the best parts of the video are the live performance scenes. The backstage and travel footage seems unnecessary, but I guess if you’ve travelled to the other side of the world, you want viewers to know you’re not just playing down at the King’s Arms.

Best bit: a case with “The Donnas” stencilled on it, specifically dating it to 2 October 2004, when Sommerset supported The Donnas in Dortmund.

Director: Andrew Morton
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… life on a different kind of road.

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