Lazrus “Infinite Boxes”

2004-lazrus-infinite-boxes“Infinite Boxes” was the second of Lazrus’ two funded music videos. This time the song is about the pain of a relationship break-up. The video sees Lazrus play a postie – and according to Amplifier, this was also his real-life day job.

The video opens with Lazrus’ mate telling him he’s posted him something to help with the break-up. Lazrus is at work, sorting mail, being hassled by his boss. And we get a minute and a half of Lazrus mooching around the sorting room, which is pretty boring to watch.

Thankfully get out on his bike to deliver the mail and with it comes a star-studded tour of Grey Lynn. Along his route he meets Charlotte Dawson (RIP), Tame Iti, Stacey Jones and Marc Ellis (being a no-frills Hugh Hefner in his driveway). There are also other people that I don’t recognise, though Amplifier notes that one of them is Alex Behan who was host of the ill-fated New Zealand version of Top of the Pops.

Eventually Lazrus makes it home and finds the package from his mate waiting in his own letterbox. It’s a box of tissues, no doubt one of the “infinite boxes” he mentions in the chorus.

It’s quite a cool, catchy song, so I can’t help feel that the video is has really missed its mark with the long, boring sequence in the mail sorting office. It’s almost two minutes before the divine Miss Dawson appears and things get interesting. If you have Charlotte Dawson and Marc Ellis and Alex Behan in your music video, don’t hold back!

Best bit: the revelation that Lazrus even wears his woolly cap to bed.

Director: Stephen Baker
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… kiss kiss bang bang.

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