Concord Dawn “Man for all Seasons”

2004-concord-dawn-man-for-all-seasonsThis Concord Dawn video was another recipient of the $1500 grant that Positively Wellington Business gave for the production of music videos in the Wellington region. And like the other recipients of the grant, the video doesn’t have an obvious Wellington setting (but behind the scenes is another matter).

“Man for all Seasons” is more of Concord Dawn’s drum and bass sound, with a few lyrics about a man who wasn’t believed. The video is set in a futuristic environment where a lone man is brought out of suspended animation to work on an “inhabitability survey”

He uses touch screens, which are annoying huge and require flamboyant arm gestures from a standing position, a la Minority Report. Contrast this with the iPad, which can be operated with just one finger and you don’t even need to get out of bed to use it. Concord Dawn’s future vision just seems like a recipe for RSI.

It’s a bit hard to figure out what’s going on, due to the low-res version of this video, but this is what I think is happening. The man is running simulation to figure out whether a planet will be inhabitable. The simulation shows the planet going from booming civilisation to crumbling ruins, so the guy gets all sad and returns to his pod. The video ends with the simulation continuing to run, showing a pleasant enviro city rising from the ruins. Well, that inhabitability survey was a bit of a mess.

Best bit: the random shot of the female in suspended animation, wearing a strapless top because future.

Director: Ed Davis
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… 1.2 litres of beer.

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