Bryan Bell “Sure Seems a Long Way Down”

2004-bryan-bell-long-way-downSix years after the Dead Flower’s last funding, frontman Bryan Bell returned with a solo record. His first single was “Might As Well Get Used to It”, with a non-funded video shot in Las Vegas that included pashing and an implied murder.

B. Bell’s solo career was more pop and less rock than this previous band. His second video was again directed by Marc Swadel, but this time shot in London. Bryan stands on a rooftop, observing life on the streets below. Soon we meet a gothy, punky girl on the tube, looking all bothered. She heads down an alleyway and ends up doubled over, vomiting up blood. Er, ok.

Next we meet a couple of guys wearing hoodies, who also look a bit ill. Then something unexpected happens. They pash – and that’s seven seconds of close-up manpash. This isn’t just noteworthy of being a gay kiss in a music video – I actually don’t think there’s been a boy-girl kiss of this intensity or duration in a NZ On Air video before.

Of course, there’s mouth blood involved with this snog. One of the kissers fondly recalled on YouTube, “i was in it. kissing a chav. and that brown goo made me throw up on myself. glamour!”

The action continues with a heterosexual couple engaging in a full-on pashing and goping session, breaking the aforementioned record. This video is just going for it. Naturally, this kiss also ends with a mouthful of goopy blood.

This all makes me wonder if there is some sort of sexual ebola outbreak in Shoreditch, with Bryan Bell being an observer from the World Health Organisation.

Best bit: #manpash

Director: Marc Swadel

Next… waking up in the future.

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