Stylus “Incredible”

2004-stylus-incredibleStylus continue with their angry young rap-rock. Unlike the devilwoman rant of previous single “Backstabbers Incorporated”, this time it’s a feeling of general malaise that’s causing trouble.

Though there is no rap in this particular song, it is very much of the nu metal genre. In fact, both the song and the video have a strong Blindspott vibe. It’s encouraging that a young New Zealand band would take inspiration from another local group. Yay.

The heart of the “Incredible” video is Stylus playing the song in an empty room with forest green walls. That’s all pretty ordinary. Lead singer Matt has wrapped the microphone cord around his hand as he sings, which is a nice way of paying tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers while keeping your shirt on.

We also see Matt sulking in a living room where a young couple had just been arguing, moping on a single bed and feeling alone at a crowded party. Ok, so he’s not happy. There’s also a great slow-motion shot of a young woman hurling a vase full of flowers, which I’m sure symbolises inner turmoil or something.

The absolute highlight of the video comes at the end where Matt smashes up his bedroom. He rips the stupid posters off the wall, tips over his lame single bed, and smashes his guitar through his dumb computer monitor. And who’s going to clean that up, eh?

Best bit: the lava lamp on the bedside table.

Director: Adam Jones
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a rooftop in Wellington.

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