Stylus “Backstabbers Incorporated”

2003-stylus-backstabbers-incorporatedHell hath no fury like a rap-rock artist scorned? So, there’s the Stylus dude sitting on the couch playing video cames with his girlfriend who is played by Anna Jullienne, who would very soon go on to play nurse Maia Jeffries on Shortland Street. Hanging out with a hot gamer girlfriend – this sounds like a pretty sweet life for a young dude, right? Wrong. He’s upset.

He’s so upset that he puts down the game controller and picks up a View-Master. You know things are serious when old-school tech is involved. But instead of looking at 3D photos of scenic Amsterdam, he sees his girlfriend on a date with a gross dude.

The magical View-Master offers him other scenes where his girlfriend is being, like, a total bitch. “This will change the way we think of you forever,” warns the chorus. Yeah, that’ll teach her.

All the scenes with the View-Master and the devilwoman girlfriend are really silly. The strongest bit of the video is the band’s performance. They’re fierce and energetic and seem like they might be a good band to see live, even though that whole nu metal thing was getting a bit tired by 2004.

As for the magical View-Master, well, if it were me, I’d switch to the Austrian castles reel and lay off the Red Bull.

Best bit: the Baywatch scenario.

Director: Adam Jones

Next… 77 minty seconds.

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