4Eulogi “Over You”

2004-4eulogi-over-youSomehow Josh, the lead singer in this video, seemed oddly familiar and then I realised where I’d seen him before. He appeared in the first day of the NZ X Factor bootcamp, but didn’t make it any further. (Yes, this is very specific X Factor nerd knowledge. Shut up.)

Despite the band’s name sounding like a electro-goth band, 4Eulogi are a pretty ordinary MOR pop band. They seem to have come out of the Bay of Plenty and gigged a bit, managed some TV appearances, and a received funding for a couple of videos before breaking up in 2005.

The “Over You” video focuses solely on Josh – the rest of the band are missing. He starts off strolling along Fort Lane, literally the only grimy looking lane in Auckland, though now it’s all fancyed-up and less suitable for music videos.

He wanders about Auckland, as does a young woman. Things are a bit weird – rocks are falling up, tides are flowing backwards. They seem to exist in parallel universes, walking in the same place but never finding the other. Or maybe they are literally just missing each other, like Kylie and Jason in the “Especially For You” video.

Ugh. This is the thing. Now I’m at the point where I’m more excited about watching a 25-year-old Kylie and Jason video instead of this 4Eulogi vid. “Over You” is just really unremarkable. But then, it was nominated for Breakthrough Video at the Juice TV awards in 2005. Someone out there must have liked it.

Best bit: the rocks falling up, a bit of excitement.

Note: There was a nice version of this video over at Fish and Clips, but the associated Vimeo account has been closed. I can’t find the video anywhere else.

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