48May “Home By 2”

2004-48may-home-by-2Possibly inspired by the psychiatric-themed cover art of their debut album The Mad Love, the “Home By 2” video puts 48May in a padded cell (room 48, of course). Except rather than looking like a secure psychiatric facility, it looks more like someone has bought some green duvets from Spotlight and stapled them to sheets of plywood. When the band members hurl themselves at the walls, the walls move. Classic era Doctor Who sets had more structural integrity.

The sight of the band leaping around the padded cell is pretty ordinary. It’s not until the second verse that things get interesting. Lead singer Jon is on the floor, sensually writhing about like Miley Cyrus in her “Adore You” video. He’s biting his lip and giving the camera the glad eye and at one point he kind of humps the padded floor. I can’t help but wonder what fate would have awaited 48May if they’d been around in the era of Tumblr. They would have been gif’d good and proper. Yeah, like that.

Disappointingly, the rest of the video goes back to the band leaping around the mock padded cell. “Do you think I’ll be fine,” the lyrics enquire. Well, given that the band has been allowed their musical instruments inside the padded cell, I’d say they’re not really at risk of self-harm. Go on, give us another song.

Best bit: Jon’s boyband-style air-grab move.

Director: Greg Page
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a lonely stroll.

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