48May “Come Back Down”

2003-48-may-come-back-downThis video starts with something I haven’t seen since the ’90s – a customised NZ On Air logo. This time it’s the standard graffiti style logo, but some aerosol paint can sound effects have been added.

The video takes place in a wooden frame of a building. It doesn’t quite look like an active building site, maybe more like the construction was halted halfway through. Well, whatever happened it has provided an officially interesting setting for a punk-pop music video shoot.

And that’s about all that happens. There’s 48May performing in front of a bunch of unlined rooms.

I’m intrigued by this building. It’s by the sea, it appears to have a rooftop deck (the drummer is found up there, surrounded by a “CAUTION” tape fence) and one room has a (hole for a) large picture window overlooking the beach. I like to think of this as being a Bond villain’s lair under construction.

At the end of the video, the group get out of the house and play closer to the beach. But this isn’t anywhere near as interesting as performing inside a strange half-built house.

Update: Stu says, “If memory serves, [lead singer] Jon’s family were building that house out at Raglan.”

Best bit: the lone curtain, tacked up on a window hole.

Note: It looks like the only way to view this video is via Apple Music (subscription needed). But you can watch the first 30 seconds for free.

Director: Ivan Slavov

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