Augustino “Going Downtown”

2003-augustino-downtownIt’s another Augustino song that’s an ode to the high life. “I’m going downtown! I wanna get high,” sneers Sean on the chorus. But being a music video, there’s no graphic depiction of drugs. Instead the video opens with series of empty shot glasses, with the drinkers signalling for more. They never feature again in the video. Oh, so with all those unfilled glasses, maybe the band is just high on life.

“Going Downtown” is bright, energetic rock song with never a quiet moment. The video goes with this, depicting the band performing outside in Auckland at night, with the illuminated shaft of Sky Tower popping up in the distance. It’s all looking very sexy, with great lighting. The camera work does much to capture the energy of the song. It runs around the band as they’re playing, with good rock video editing getting the rhythm.

Sean is a fantastic frontman and works the camera with his great rock swagger. In fact, The rest of the band are looking cool, but there’s also a vibe like a bunch of guys who work in advertising who’ve decided to form a band. There’s a lot of coolness, but it always seems to feel like it’s being done because that’s what you’re supposed to do in a rock video.

Best bit: the “I wanna get high” sweep up the Sky Tower.

Director: Ivan Slavov

Next… chubby rain.

2 thoughts on “Augustino “Going Downtown””

  1. Best thing about this song is how Shortland Street STILL use it as their go-to music when any of the kids decide to get drunk and rowdy. Guess Augustino were more popular in Ferndale than in most places?

    1. Lolz! This means that if a young New Zealand band were to write a catchy and cheeky but not too explicit song about going out and getting on the piss, there would be serious royalties to be had if Shortland Street ever decided to update their music to something modern.

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