Salmonella Dub “Love Your Ways”

2000-salmonella-dub-love-your-ways“Love Your Ways” looks like a pretty low-budget video. It’s a fairly standard sort of video that’s cobbled together from video of the band performing in various locations. Sometimes they’re at a small club, other times they’re on stage in front of a packed arena at the Big Day Out 2000.

The video also features Tiki Taane in a dark room, with no shirt on, singing the song. And there are other shots of him hanging out, playing his guitar, (standing near my old flat on K Road) and getting a tattoo on his belly.

The footage varies in quality, some looking it was shot with a home video camera, other stuff looking pro. And the editing is a bit messy too, often a rapid-fire series of shots that doesn’t work with the music. It’s directed by Greg Riwai who made the much slicker “Broken Wings” vid for K’Lee, which shows he can work to different budgets.

But that doesn’t actually matter. “Love Your Ways” is a really strong song, and at number 11, it was Salmonella’s highest charting song. It has an uplifting, feelgood vibe so who cares if the video is a bit rough? It probably just reminds people of the happy time they had dancing to to Salmonella Dub.

Best bit: the shot that makes the Sydney metro look like Tokyo.

Director: Greg Riwai
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… shooting and scoring.

5 thoughts on “Salmonella Dub “Love Your Ways””

  1. I fondly recall Miss Hubris, sitting with you, singing this to me at my wedding, and me thinking briefly she said “love your waist” because I was wearing a corset.

    1. That’s an awesome memory! It in turn makes me think of your “Where the hell did I park my car”, the original of which is coming up soon!

      1. Haha! So pleased I found this comment. I do love your waist, Miss Bird. Incidentally, is there an RSS feed for comments on this site, Robyn?

  2. what use are not deleted comments if no one can read them? might as well delete them and wipe the thread

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