Zed “I’m Cold”

Here’s the thing – this video is hosted on the YouTube account for Universal Music New Zealand. The description says it’s the “official video”. But it’s not the official video. I think this is just a live performance from Ice TV.

The proper video itself isn’t currently online, though Nga Taonga enticingly describe it as: “Zed begin playing “I’m Cold” at indoor gig before fleeing from itrate barman/ club owner. They resume on city rooftop.” (Director: Scott Cleator, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision)

But it’s Zed. Zed are strangely growing on me so I feel compelled to properly review this video rather than just throw it in the remainder bin with the other missing videos.

The video starts with some shadow hands announcing that Zed are about to perform on Ice TV. We then meet the band sat in a bare studio, still a three piece, geared up with acoustic instruments. They all look so young and so innocent (polar fleece vest!), and yet there’s Nathan King belting out feelings of emotional numbness. Though he does a little self-conscious eyeroll when he sings “The night is cold and someone’s taken my bed.”

And just when the song threatens to get too moody and too mature, bassist Ben breaks out the rap. It’s a semi-nonsensical ditty (for which I will blame the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and manages to be a delightfully weird counterpoint to Nathan’s big chorus.

So there they were. Three young dudes with a number one album and some decent songs. The only way was up.

Best bit: Nathan’s polar fleece vest – keeps out the cold.

Next… a farewell to the Faction.

5 thoughts on “Zed “I’m Cold””

  1. I have to be finicky and point out that when they went #1 they were a four piece, having just got second guitarist Andy Lynch (and being a poster boy in the then-new Creme magazine!). It also means that it’s damn hard to get the original versions of Oh! Daisy, Glorifillia and I’m Cold since they re-recorded them with Lynch for the album. Yep, guess who was 15 in 2000?

    1. Finicky is good! Can you remember the proper video for I’m Cold? I assume Andy Lynch wasn’t in it as he also wasn’t in the later Glorifilia video but did feature in Renegade Fighter. And speaking of Renegade Fighter, the former 15-year-old Zed fan in you will enjoy the bonus feature I have discovered for it…

      1. I can barely remember it, I think the song only glanced off the charts at #14 or something [OK, I went and checked, it got to #19]. I do remember them being very young, and potentially a Smokefree Rockquest clip or something. Around that time Coke Top 40 (pretty sure it wasn’t Pulp anymore) sometimes played live clips TOTP style rather than the actual music video, so it may be that it’s never seen the light of day.

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