Loves Ugly Children “Voodoo Girl”

1997-loves-ugly-children-voodoo-girlBecause it’s the 1997, Loves Ugly Children get cinematic in the form of a fake trailer for an exploitation flick also named “Voodoo Girl”. Directed by Peter Bannan, the video opens with a warning – “the film this trailer advertises contains adult concepts”. What, like getting a mortgage or caring foran aging parent? No, like a scantily-clad young woman suggestively playing with a model aeroplane.

We meet plane woman and a man who gaze at aeroplanes and end up together in a wood-panelled room. He slowly puts his hand on her bare stomach. They then retire to their individual rooms where there’s a bit of carry-on involving the model plane and some hand-down-pants action.

How about getting out of the bedroom? Ah yes, the man walks around meaningfully and plane girl runs through a post office box lobby and discovers a gun in her box. Well, I guess if it had a stamp on it, NZ Post would deliver it.

Gun in bag, plane girl goes to a diner and makes a glass move through telekensis. If she could do that, why would she need a gun? Couldn’t she just make bullets fly into people? Then it all gets a bit hectic. There’s blood, water, meaningful gazes and bullets galore.

As far as fake trailers go, this doesn’t quite make me want to see the fake film, but yet as a real music video from 1997, it’s moody and stylish enough to satisfy me.

Best bit: the visual power of the bright red post office box lobby.

Director: Peter Bannan
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a space oddity.

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