The Exponents “House of Love”

“House of Love” is one of those Exponents songs that doesn’t get sing-shouted at rugby games. Tracking the demise of a relationship, where Jordan both walks in and walks out of the house of love, the video shows the Exponents playing the song in a doll’s house.

Actually, that makes it sound much cooler than it actually is, like some special effects have made it look like the Exponents are actually playing in the tiny rooms of a doll’s house. Actually, it’s just footage of the band superimposed over the front of a doll’s house. And it’s raining on the doll’s house and there’s some sort of straw strewn about in front of it. What a depressing house. No wonder Jordan’s leaving it.

The band are performing the song under colourful lights, and with window shapes projected behind them. Sometimes the band are wearing carnival masks, and sometimes Jordan takes his shirt off. I’m going to blame the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the rash of shirtlessness that started happening in music videos of the early ’90s.

Best bit: the tiny painting inside the doll’s house.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… casual shorts.

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