Head Like a Hole “Fish Across Face”

“Fish Across Face” suddenly appeared out of the blue, settled in at number nine in the charts and left everyone wondering who exactly this Head Like a Hole musical group was.

From their early metal years, the “Fish Across Face” video features the band naked (but for body paint) in most scenes. But Wikipedia says the video was banned for a different reason – in one very brief shot, liquid flows from the mouth of one HLAH to another (and apparently it was orange juice). At the time there was a meningitis outbreak, so concerned authorities didn’t want kids to copy this thing. They might as well ban pashing.

As well as the body paint, there’s high jinks in the ocean, at a rubbish dump and on a bouncy castle. While it all looks like a fun low budget video, there’s a rather sophisticated crane shot right at the end (or is it just a guy standing on a ladder).

“Fish Across Face” seems like such a perfect NZ On Air music video – the band stretches the budget as far as it will go, has fun and generally creates a ruckus that keep them buoyant for years to come.

Best bit: bouncy castle fun times!

Director: Nigel Streeter
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… really feeling the love of Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Head Like a Hole “Fish Across Face””

  1. Part of the reason why Fish Across Face suddenly appeared in the charts was that the door charge for the single release shows included the purchase of a voucher for the single… redeemable at chart shops.

  2. . At the time there was a meningitis outbreak, so concerned authorities didn’t want kids to copy this thing that was obviously done by a hose rather than actual regurgitation.

    Sorry Robyn but WRONG…. There was no hose. It’s obviously regurgitation.

    1. Oh my! I watched the video again and I am willing to believe it was authentispew. And it’s that kind of detail that makes the slog behind this project all worthwhile (seriously).

  3. haha, I was just teasing. It wasn’t actually a spew it was orange juice and the reason I know this is because i’m the one doing it. I was actually scratching my head yesterday thinking that when I said ‘Hey, I’ve got a good idea Booga, I’ll dribble orange juice into your mouth’ that A – I thought it was a good idea and B – He agreed to it. haha, well it certainly got us noticed. I also have a letter from Murray Cammick to Bill Ralston about the banning of the video which will be included in a book to come out in the future.
    Thanks Robyn

    1. Ah ha ha! Thanks – I’ve added a note about the OJ. It is a legendary moment from a legendary NZ music video. That letter sounds very interesting. It would also be a good thing to add to the archive at Audio Culture.

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