Dribbling Darts “Hey Judith”

From a suburban state house to K Road, “Hey Judith” is a sunshine in a music video. Matthew Bannister, all gussied up in red lipstick, has a minor meltdown as he sings for the love of his life, covering the wall in lipstick kisses.

The video also includes a musclewoman, dog poo, a cardboard replica of K Road, Auckland suburban trains, the old yellow ARA buses, the old Auckland CPO, complete with the bank of public phones out the front.

I’m intrigued by a brief shot of a pillow booth at the train station. I assume this was something made for the video, but I like to think that back in the ’90s, there was a booth at the train station that gave people pillows for their train journeys, or for carrying around town in search of their special honey.

And just to prove how ’90s it is, the video ends with the band donning virtual reality googles. (Remember virtual reality? Remember how it was going to change the world?)

It all leaves me thinking that I’d like ’90s-era Matthew Bannister to be my boyfriend.

Best bit: the Ken and Barbie cardboard K Road adventure.

Director: Karyn Hay
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… it’s a matter of trust, girl.

3 thoughts on “Dribbling Darts “Hey Judith””

  1. Luverly! That bandname The Dribbling Darts of Love used to give me the (heh) Screaming Meemees Heebyjeebies but what a cool song.

    That progression at -2:39 to -2:37 is a classic Bannisterism; almost Graeme Downs-worthy.

    1. Heh, yeah, they eventually dropped the “of love” bit and kept the gross bit. It’s Shakespearean, you know “Believe not that the dribbling dart of love can pierce a complete bosom.”

      That little progression is lovely. A bit of texture where others would be happy to have a space.

  2. There were pillow booths for the Northerner, the overnight Auckland/Wellington train. Earlier they were for those who couldn’t afford a sleeper (pillows were 50c to hire in early 80s).

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