Annie Crummer “See What Love Can Do”

Before Annie Crummer was vamping it up as the Killer Queen in the Australian production of “We Will Rock You”, she presented a softer, gentler side with “See What Love Can Do”, the first single from her debut solo album.

Just to prove how ’90s it is, not only is she wearing a peasant blouse, she’s also shown with a “Blossom”-style hat with a giant flower on it.

The video is shot in high contrast black and white, not unlike Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” video, only without the fierce dancing. Annie is joined by the fullas from Herbs to add some grunt on the verses and a choral sound on the chorus. Hey, these are the guys who dah-dah-dah-boom-boom’d “Slice of Heaven” into a hit for ol’ Dave Dobbyn.

Somehow I thought the song would demand a warmer, more communal video than what was produced, but perhaps it was decided to emphasise Annie and her backing singers, no one else.

Best bit: the enthusiastic ooo-ing from Charlie Herbs.

Director: Fred Renata
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… kissy-kiss fun times.

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  1. This song is actually glorious. Am glad to have the reminder of this. I had one of those hats where the front brim turns up (thus uselessly exposing your face to the sun) and it was the pride of my life. I wonder if they’ll ever come back in…

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