Found videos from 1996

Loads of found videos from 1996, featuring cameo appearances from three bright young actors, Stella as a grunge band, double Annie Crummer and Strawpeople, and some political pop.

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Pash “Undercover Antics After Dark”

1997-pash-undercover-antics-after-darkThere’s something about this song and video that doesn’t quite work. It’s a well written song, it’s a bit saucy, but it seems a too long. It’s over four minutes long and about halfway through it feels like it’s stuck in repetitive loops.

The video sees the band playing in front of an audience of freaky friends. Again, this has the potential for something really visually exciting, but comes across a little dull.

But I’m wondering if this is just the effect of age. In the late ’90s, this sort of kitschy ’60s and ’70s style was cool. But now the video doesn’t have the buoyancy of fashion to hold it all together, it ends up looking like a really boring fancy dress party. Oh look, you’ve dyed your hair green and your friend is wearing a pink wig. Outrageous!

I’ve seen this idea done so much better in other videos of the same era, both with the freaky friends idea and the outrageous party idea. It seems like everyone had fun making it, but there’s not much of that spirit has come through to the video.

Best bit: the guy in the green head-to-toe bodysuit. Outrageous.

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