Videos from December 2005 – part 3

A swimming pool full of liquor, Donald’s evil twin, things getting better, Dave’s romantic dream and Raggiz.

Dave Dobbyn “You Got Heart”

I’m not sure if this video ended up having NZ On Air funding, but let’s look at it anyway. It’s mostly animated, but features a likeness of Dave Dobbyn, based on footage of him performing the song while seated at an upright piano. The visual effects give everything the appearance of being sketched in coloured pencils. The palette is a touch dreary, but things soon liven up with a ginger-haired cartoon man finding his angelic lady love. The video could actually do with a bit more Dobbyn, but it’s otherwise sweet.

Donald Reid “All The Advice”

This video has gone to all the effort of creating an evil twin situation, but they don’t do anything with it. The video is off to a promising start with Good Donald safely waiting for the train and Evil Donald walking beyond the yellow line, but after that all the two Donalds do is angrily sing the song to each other. Evil Donald is also the one seen performing the song with his band, but his previous bad attitude towards public transport safety guidelines does not continue to his performance. Disappointing.

Director:  Andy McGrath
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Duchess “Raglan City”

I just find this really depressing. “Ain’t no train gonna carry me home to Raglan” – no, because the only way to get here is via a shitty windy road that always makes me car sick. And the cruel trick in calling it “Raglan city” as if it were a metropolis and not a tiny little town. (Can you tell I don’t like living there?) But enough about me. The song is sweet and the video is too, capturing that sunny, chilled out Raglan of the mid ’00s, back when bands were allowed to play at Aqua Velvet.

Director: Rob Appierdo
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Elemeno P “You Are”

Elemeno P are like Madonna – they change their image with every video, but always stay with a strong overall Elemeno P brand. This time they’re getting all new wave, all decked out in monochrome shirts and ties (Lani gets a skirt instead of a tie). The video also makes use of the band’s appearance at the Big Day Out 2006, using footage of both their main-stage performance and the band cheerfully signing autographs. An eagle-eyed YouTube commenter points out that at 1:31, Gibbo’s microphone in the studio set-up is clearly unplugged. Gasp! BTW, it’s possible that this song didn’t actually receive NZ On Air funding.

Director: Adam Jones

Foamy Ed “Drink”

“Drink” is an ode to drinking in honour of others, but the video starts off with the band playing the song on a suburban deck. Where’s the drinking? Oh, here it is. A wider shot reveals a group of black-clad partygoers all with glasses of beer, and they’re gathered around a swimming pool full of liquor (or at least a frothy amber liquid). As the rules go, someone ends up jumping in the pool, but it doesn’t look like much fun. The long sleeves and coats of the partygoers reveal that the video was shot in cold weather, so the idea of splashing about in a chilly pool of fake beer holds little appeal.

Director: Brendon Lodge
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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