Videos from December 2005 – part 2

Pleasant strolls around Ponsonby and Waitara, and a bit of punk tradition.

Bic Runga “That’s Alright” – missing

“That’s Alright” was a track from Bic Runga’s third album, Birds. It’s on every NZOA video list I have, yet there’s no sign of a video online – not even an entry with Nga Taonga. My instinct tells me there was no video made. Here’s the audio instead.

Cassette “Anticipate” – missing

I can’t find any information about a music video for “Anticipate”, so despite being on the list of completed videos, that might not actually be the case.

Che Fu featuring Aaradhna “Spin 1”

“Spin 1” was a new track on Che Fu’s best-of album from 2006. The song is an ode to great soul musicians, with Che Fu and Aaradhna name-checking singers of the opposite sex. After started off in a record shop, the pair go for a wander outside, and I feel like my Google Maps mojo is failing because I can’t figure out where they are, other than a general Ponsonby vibe. The video has some quirky style added with little text accents and cute graphics added in places.

Director: Luke Sharpe

Cobra Khan “Wrapped In Plastic”

Cobra Khan was the new band of Milon from Sommerset, and it carried on in the same punk tradition – at least for their earlier stuff. The video is set on a theatre stage, the band lit by bright outdoor light flooding through the stage doors. The band’s keyboard player is shown, but given that no obvious synth sounds can be heard on the track, shots of her careful fingerwork makes as much sense visually as if there was a French horn player shown.

Director: Andrew Morton
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Dark Harmony Regime “Raise It Up”

“Raise It Up” – also known as “First Round” – was the only funded track from Taranaki group Dark Harmony Regime. The video uses a combination of green screen shots and actual footage around Waitara. It’s always good when specific locations are featured in New Zealand music videos – not just those ubiquitous but nonspecific urban, rural or coastal landscapes. The video has a kind of visual darkness to it that makes me wonder if this used to look ok on TV screens but is less successful on a computer.

Director: Offramp Productions
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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