Sommerset “Say What You Want”

2004-sommerset-say-what-you-wantSommerset’s third video was for “Say What You Want” a lively punk-pop number with vocals from guitarist Milon. The video is basically the band on bicycles, hooning around the Tank Farm area. From memory, the band put out a call for extras on bikes via C4. And I’m pretty sure C4 host Phil can be seen on a bike – at least it looks like him through the chunky pixels of his lowres version.

The Tank Farm is a cool location for a music video – long, straight, flat streets; the intriguing towering tanks on either side of the road (in this case, Hamer Street); the hint of nautical activity; and the harbour at the end of the street. This is the really solid, functional part of the Tank Farm that even now hasn’t been gentrified. It seems the perfect setting for a pack of dude wearing matching jackets to come riding along with their message of self expression.

The video is really nicely shot, with the bikers gliding along smoothly, seeming both like a powerful gang and also a very styley collection of people. Oh, and it should be noted that no one is wearing a helmet, which a very pleasing flouting of the law.

The day ends with Sommerset performing in front of a few tanks, joined by all their bike posse. Maybe I’m just feeling all nostalgic for the golden days of C4, but I like this video. It’s simple but it captures the attitude of those punk-arses. This video won Best Rock Video at the 2004 Juice TV Awards.

Best bit: the cameo from Back of the Y stuntman Randy Campbell, whose jump doesn’t go well.

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