SJD “Rising, Falling, Rising”

2004-sjd-rising-falling-risingVideos like this are hard to write about. They exist outside the realm of popular music videos. There’s no hard sell going on here. Instead the video has artful visuals that complement the music but are also visually pleasing in their own way. And – OMG – I’m almost in a coma from how boring that sounds.

So instead of relying on words, I shall instead turn to the medium of the animated gif to review “Rising, Falling, Rising”.

There. It’s black and white. It involves cars and bits of old analogue equipment. SJD is also in it. It’s ok.

Best bit: SJD’s head nod, this video’s one moment of choreography.

Directors: Dominic Taylor, Simon Taylor
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… what a drag.

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