House of Downtown “Whatever Comes”

2000-house-of-downtown-whatever-comescI wish I knew more about this video because it’s intriguing. The video looks to be a remix of an Indian film (or TV show) from the early 1970s. The beginning of the vid announces it’s “In association with Indian TV Nayan”, but all I can find about Indian TV Nayan is that they were, er, struck off the companies register in 2002. But I’m going to assume they provided the vintage footage to be chopped up for the Kiwi Eurohouse anthem of the new millennium.

There are scenes of groovy band playing in a groovy nightclub. A smiling go-go dancer – who has awesome hair – shakes her boobs, wiggles her bum and thrusts her crotch at the camera. And we see these bits over and over. It’s all very Austin Powers.

There’s also some action at an outdoor party, with elegant guests gathered around a pool. It turns out it’s a wedding. But this ain’t no high-drama “November Rain”-style nuptials. It’s a traditional Indian wedding, with all the colour and bling that brings. The bride and groom take their vows, then enjoy a dance together.

And that’s about it. The song is a lite, feelgood track and the video takes a similar path. It’s not trying to make any deep statements about Indian culture or weddings or the depiction of women in music videos. It reminds me of the sort of practice edits we used to do in film school. It’s just a bunch of visually interesting stuff cut together to accompany the song.

Best bit: the groom arriving on bedazzled horseback.

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